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23 Feb 19
Buk's Historical Ad Hockery

In July 1932, Chancellor Franz von Papen dissolved the German parliament, or Reichstag, and called for new elections in November, hoping to reduce the National Socialist majority. As Papen predicted, at the polls on 6 November 1932, Adolf’s Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers’ Party lost seats to the Nationalists, and the Social Democrats lost seats […]

22 Feb 19
It Was Written

In this belated edition, I’ll begin to revisit a series of connections between US elites and Hitler’s Germany; Their motivations, their actions, and the consequences. #ItWasWritten

22 Feb 19
Weapons and Warfare

Belgium and the Netherlands After the Allied armies broke out from Normandy, the Polish 1st Armoured Division pursued the Germans along the coast of the English Channel. It liberated, among others, the towns of Saint-Omer, Ypres, Ghent and Passchendaele. A successful outflanking manoeuvre planned and performed by General Maczek allowed the liberation of the city […]

22 Feb 19
Every Woman Dreams...

Shifts or chemises were a woman’s undergarment. It was a simple garment worn next to the skin to protect clothing from sweat and body oils. They were made of cotton, but women who could afford the cost would choose something more luxurious – something like silk. Thin and tightly woven, the shift fell like silk and was smooth to […]

21 Feb 19
Kerstan Medien Pressecenter

Wetter, Valencia und junge Pferde (Valencia) Die Sporttage sind ausgefüllt, aber nicht überfrachtet bei der CES Valecia Tour in Spanien. Auch Woche drei der Spring-Tour im Februar im Reitsportzentrum steigert sich aktuell kontinuierlich von Tag zu Tag. Mit jeweils drei Prüfungen für die fünf bis sechs Jahre alten Pferde beginnt jede Wochen am Dienstag bis […]

21 Feb 19

The Best and Worst of WWE Smackdown Live for February 19, 2019, featuring another episode of Raw, but slightly better.

21 Feb 19
Gert Pedersens blog

Today is Thursday and the penultimate day of the ongoing Dutch book sale in the Heilig Geist Church House here in central Copenhagen. Which means the price is 10 Kr pr. item ($1,50). Incidentally there won’t be a ‘5Kr-day’ on the last day as usual and the price will 10 Kr. also to-morrow. After checking […]

21 Feb 19
Lowmiller Consulting Group Blog

Fox News opinion host Tucker Carlson apologized for the “vulgar” language he used during a heated, unaired interview with Dutch historian and author Rutger Bregman, but added that his underlying message was made in “total sincerity.” “I did what I try hard never to do on this show, and I was rude,” Carlson said in […]

20 Feb 19
wilsons wander

Sibiu is located in the Transylvania region of Romania. This city should be on the top of your list if you are visiting Romania.  Sibiu is full of history, beautiful Germanic architecture, old town squares, and amazing food. It has everything offered by a large European city but more it’s manageable, more affordable and less […]