24 Jun 19
Wordpress site van Wheelpoint

Mooi nieuw wiel van Vossen! Per direct te bestellen 😎👍🏻! – The Vossen CV10 Wheel, as seen on the all-new Audi USA e-tron Electric SUV in 22″ deep fitment and Anthracite custom finish. 19″, 20″ and 22″ diameters, starting at $449 per wheel. sales@vossenwheels.com / +1(305)463-7778 2019 Audi e-tron by @Audi Naples & Naples Speed […]

24 Jun 19
Archy news nety

De Kameroen Football Association (CAF) heeft officieel aangekondigd dat Joel Tajwei, de teamspits, is uitgesloten van de lijst van 23 spelers die deelnemen aan de 2019 Afrikaanse Naties in Egypte vanwege het gevaar voor zijn leven. Het medische rapport uit Kameroen toonde aan dat het medische rapport van de speler een defect in de kransslagader […]

22 Jun 19
Quills of Abyss

In Xaythea, the following races have councils: Werewolves Werebears Werecats Vampires These councils are composed of original pureblood families of each race: Werewolves-12 original families Werebears-8 original families Werecats-5 original families Vampires-16 original families The pureblood races pride themselves on being pure and do not tend to breed with half-bloods, those who are bitten and […]

15 Jun 19
Insurance Edge

You know what is going to happen when cars become semi-autonomous and vehicles do more of the driving via AI and connected traffic management systems? The drivers will consume more data on the move; smartphones out, websites browsed, products and services bought. The insurers, brokers and MGAs who grasp this opportunity will be the ones […]

11 Jun 19
M2 Motorsport Inc.

Vossen CV10 Wheels The newest addition to the Vossen wheels CV Series, the CV10 is a new take on the classic, concave styling that originally defined the Vossen wheels brand. A complex, bi-level spoke pattern is accentuated with the two-tone Silver Polished standard finish, while Satin Black creates a menacing alternative. In addition to 2 […]

10 Jun 19

General Information B. D. Gregg & Bros. was founded in 1947 in Kingston, Jamaica by the late Basil D. Gregg, a notable businessman originally from the parish of St. Elizabeth. The company was formed to facilitate the daily operations of one of Jamaica’s first fuel and service stations, the Shell Service Station on Harbor and […]

10 Jun 19
Emma's Blog

Automotive trailer wheel rim is the exterior edge of a vehicle that holds the tire. The materials used for manufacturing those rims include steel, aluminum alloy, and magnesium among others. It is characterized by its design, diameter, and width. It provides support to the tire of the vehicle. It also performs various functions such as […]

08 Jun 19
Cathy's Critique

This week’s tutorial involved groups of students getting on the floor and solving problems/puzzles creatively & collaboratively before pairing up and exploring different technology and applying it to the curriculum. Not only were we all motivated to solve the problems (or more so who could solve it first) but it was a rich learning experience […]

05 Jun 19
Op Weg naar de Toekomst

Dit blogje kan nauwelijks geschreven. Ik heb zo veel indrukken opgedaan vandaag, dat het amper in drie dagen past. Laat staan in een blogje. We beginnen gewoon vroeg, bij dat rustige benzinestationnetje. Die boomstronk van Smoky Mountains zit nog dwars, dus echt veel diepe slaap was er niet. Maar genoeg om de dag aan te […]

04 Jun 19
American in Korea

Since I have been all over the world and have a big interest in language, this is a good question to ask me.  I haven’t visited every country in the world, but I know about several countries. To begin with, I will tell you what America does.  Yes, we have our ESL classes for students […]

04 Jun 19

Eindhoven Storioni Chamber Music Festival It is by complete coincidence that I arrived in Eindhoven for the Rothstein wedding celebrations to find the Storioni Chamber Festival in full flight in the Musikgebouw. Finghin Collins with Linn Rothstein These two magnificent halls that make up this concert complex in the middle of a thriving commercial centre […]