Voyages Liturgiques

17 Apr 19
Aurore Vallon

Vous avez déjà parcouru la France en long et en large, Barcelone n’a plus de secrets pour vous et l’Europe occidentale ne vous surprend plus ? Alors partez explorer Tallinn, capitale de l’Estonie ! Entre vieille ville classée au patrimoine mondial de l’Humanité par l’Unesco et bâtiments modernes, Tallinn alterne entre tradition et modernité en […]

01 Apr 19
Canticum Salomonis

Several weeks ago we posted the last of our series of excerpts from the Voyages Liturgiques, a work that we hope has captured your imagination as much as it has ours. Happily there have been two grateful responses, one on New Liturgical Movement and on by the Rad Trad, both of them pointing out the […]

13 Mar 19
Breviary Offices

Introduction to this Essay THE BREVIARY ! How many persons have the words constantly in their mouths without attaching a tangible idea to the phrase ! How many have a misty notion that it contains a monstrous jumble of incredible legends, invocations of Saints, mediaeval miracles, fictions, and deceits of all sorts ! How many, […]

05 Mar 19
Nouvelles Du Monde

Mardi 5 mars, c'est le mardi gras! Pour les catholiques, c'est surtout la veille du mercredi des Cendres et de l'entrée dans le carême. Le mercredi 6 mars commence le carême et avec lui la période de quarante jours marquée par le jeûne et l'abstinence qui mène à Pâques. Mais avant ce mois de retenue, […]

06 Feb 19
Canticum Salomonis

St. Mark’s Day  The procession on this day is made by the clergy of the Cathedral church and the secular chapters mentioned above. The usual Litanies are sung, perhaps with minor differences. However, after the six cantors have invoked a saint, the choir replies only Kyrie eleison, Christe eleison, Kyrie eleison. The Mass is said […]

04 Feb 19
Canticum Salomonis

Part (1): The Office on Solemn Days Part (2): Solemn Mass at the Cathedral Maundy Thursday  On Maundy Thursday, the bishop is not assisted at Mass by the archdeacons, but by two canons whom he invites to assist. When the time comes to bless the oils, the archdeacons exit the choir and go in their […]

01 Feb 19
Canticum Salomonis

Part (1): The Office on Solemn Days Part (3): The Triduum, and Ostrich Eggs! At Mass, there are three deacons and three subdeacons, namely the four ones in vestments whom we have already mentioned, and two canons who are called the major deacon (grand-diacre) and major subdeacon (grand-Soûdiacre). The celebrant and these latter two wear […]

30 Jan 19
Canticum Salomonis

Angers on the river Mayenne, Andegavum ad Meduanam in Latin, has a university with four faculties, and is famous for its quarries of slate, with which all the houses are covered. The canons of Angers once wore purple cassocks on major feasts. The sleeves of their surplices are split and drag like in Paris and […]

28 Jan 19
Canticum Salomonis

CHARTRES Chartres lies on the banks of the river Eure. In Latin it is Carnutum or Carnotum ad Auduram. Notre Dame de Chartres. The Cathedral Church of Notre-Dame is very beautiful, and the crypt is richly ornamented, decorated and illuminated by several silver lamps. The outside surroundings of this church—I mean the Cathedral—are quite beautiful. There […]

26 Jan 19
Canticum Salomonis

At the end of the nuptial mass, the priest (following the prescriptions of the Missal and Ritual of Rouen) makes an exhortation to the newly-weds about the fidelity they owe to one another and about the continence that they must observe in the days of prayer, fasting, and on major feasts. Thus there are no […]

25 Jan 19
Canticum Salomonis

The choir boys wear red under their albs and also wear a zucchetto and a red square biretta, and are clean-shaven. In a stained-glass window in the chapel of St. Romain, one can see the form of the ancient birettas of canons and other ecclesiastics, which were nearly round [Ed.: not the ecclesiastics, but the […]