W.d. Latto

09 Jan 19
Tales of the People's Journal

Before becoming editor of ‘The People’s Journal’ W.D. Latto made several contributions to the paper. In 1859 he won the New Year’s short story prize for his effort, ‘Clouds and Sunshine’. The New Year’s Prize Tale. By Mr W.D. Latto, Johnshaven. “What a magnificent dress you have got, Maria! Well, upon my word, you will […]

16 Dec 18
Tales of the People's Journal

“The hyaena is said to laugh when devoorin’ its victim, an in like manner oor legislators never laugh looder than when they are betrayin’ an’ victimizin’ the people.” The following is a early, Scots, satirical column written by W.D. Latto. Before he became editor of ‘The People’s Journal’ and began his series of columns by […]

21 Nov 18
Tales of the People's Journal

The following epistle marks the first appearance in ‘The People’s Journal’ of Tammas Bodkin, the character used by editor William D. Latto to speak frankly (and amusingly) on current affairs. Latto became editor of the people’s journal in December 1860 and used the platform to launch Tammas, bringing himself a fair amount of fame in […]