16 Jul 19
4K for Cancer Team Baltimore 2019

Omaha -> Seneca Team Miles: 114.4 Individual Miles: 12 Day 28 Today was another great day from start to finish. We woke up to breakfast made by Amy: eggs, bacon and toast. Amy then kindly drove us to the church where we would be doing the dedication circle that morning. Liz and I had written […]

16 Jul 19
The College Critic

By Paige Allen July 15, 2019 Hildegard von Bingen is one of medieval history’s most enduring figures. A twelfth-century leader in the Catholic Church and a mystic visionary, Hildegard made significant contributions to religion, philosophy, music, science, language, and literature; she is regarded as a saint. But before all that, Hildegard spent thirty years enclosed […]

16 Jul 19
Дисплеи и экраны для мобильных телефонов

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