18 Feb 19
Operation Time Bokan

Walsa (Walther or Warusa, Birba in Italy, or as the dub called him Mungo) provides the raw strength as part of Marjo’s gang in the original Time Bokan. Taking great pride in his strength the scowling 35 year old brute serves as a bodyguard for Marjo. There’s conflicting information regarding the origin of his name, […]

17 Feb 19
Nad's Library

Walther Ruttmann, a German artist created the animation called “Lichtspiel Opus I” in 1921. He studied architecture in Zurich, painting in Munich, and turned to sound experiments after his studies. His background is highly noticeable in “Lichtspiel Opus I”. The animation begins with the title presented in the classical format of the time in black […]

17 Feb 19

Walthers {933-2860} HO Scale Motorized 90′ Turntable – Yankeedabbler – Buy – Walthers {933-2860} HO Scale Motorized 90′ Turntable – Yankeedabbler

17 Feb 19

Walthers {933-2859} HO Scale Motorized 130′ Turntable – Yankeedabbler – Buy – Walthers {933-2859} HO Scale Motorized 130′ Turntable – Yankeedabbler

17 Feb 19
Oak and Thorn

Playlist Start Date: Feb 17, 2019 Playlist Start Time: 9:00 AM Playlist End Time: 11:00 AM Show name: Oak and Thorn DJ name: Tim Bray Show description:Traditional & Contemporary Celtic Music Time Song Artist Release Label 9:04 AM The Cheese Closet Set McKasson and McDonald Harbour Independent 9:09 AM Billy O’Shea John Doyle, John McCusker […]

17 Feb 19
We Like Shooting

Listen to the show LoveWLS.com We need your help to keep the show going! Check out LoveWLS.com to find out how you can help!    This episode of We Like Shooting –  Double Tap is brought to you by Black Rhino Concealment Neo Mag and Rubber Dummies. Check out our Shootout challenge! Targets, rules and swag available […]

17 Feb 19

Modern Weapons Cheat in Another World Vol 1 Chapter 1 Kazuya Nagato, an ordinary male high school student, had just finished his cla.s.ses and was taking the train home like usual. ….when i get home, what should i do? Whilst he’s thinking this, a sudden sharp pain travels through his chest. [Ugh…..!!] After scrunching his […]

17 Feb 19
Blaine Fox Animation

For this module we are covering some Animation History which will act as inspiration and preparation for a presentation towards the end of the semester. For our first lecture we covered the emergence of animation from the modern art movement of of the 20th century where some movements were concerned primarily with representation of movement […]

17 Feb 19
the booth in the back

I’m bingeing on my drug of choice this afternoon: working on my family tree on Ancestry.com. If spending hours poring over old census records can be classified as an addiction, then I probably need a serious intervention. Given the choice between spending the day in an old cemetery or, say, going shopping, I will choose that […]

17 Feb 19
Brick Breakers Men's Ministry

Procrastination is sometimes just the fear of taking the next step. You think you’re stuck until you realize you just haven’t made the decision to move.

16 Feb 19
Keeping The Republic

Abstract The early 1960s saw a string of popular Cold War spy movies and television shows that illuminated the complexities of life in Cold War America. Movies like Ian Fleming’s Dr. No and From Russia with Love popularized the spy movie, while movies like Dr. Strangelove and The Manchurian Candidate grappled with the fear that the government couldn’t be relied on to guarantee […]

16 Feb 19
The Loadout Room

There is a major shortage of firearms in Kurdistan today; this is primarily because there is a war being waged. With the small amount being trafficked into Kurdistan and the majority of the weapons from the coalition being sent to Iraq and Syria, very few find their way into Peshmerga hands. This creates very unique problems and solutions […]