Wario's Woods

16 Mar 19
Miketendo64! By Gamers, For Gamers

Developer: PIXELAKES Publisher: PIXELAKES Platform: Nintendo Switch (eShop) Category: Multiplayer, Puzzle, Platformer & Party Release Date: March 1, 2019 (EU & NA)

15 Mar 19
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Best Answer: It’s definitely worth it, but only if you’ll be making use of most of the services that it offers to subscribers. Nintendo Switch Online is only $20 a year for individuals, so that is less than $2 a month. There is also a Family Plan that costs $35 a year, and it supports […]

14 Mar 19
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Curious about what classic NES titles are available with the Nintendo Switch Online services? Find out here! A subscription to Nintendo Switch Online for $20 per year comes with an NES library full of classing games that were originally played on Nintendo Entertainment System (or NES), which launched in 1985. If you are subscribed to […]

13 Mar 19
ClanMcCracken Gaming

Today Nintendo updated their NSO library to include two new NES games, fan favorites, Kid Icarus and StarTropics. Kid Icarus is an action-platformer where you take control of the angel Icarus. Icarus must navigate through several levels to track down the three golden treasures, fight the evil Medusa, and rescue the goddess, Palutena. StarTropics is an action-adventure […]

08 Mar 19
Indie Gamer Chick

I never really liked Wario’s Woods. When I was still fawning over NES Remix, the moment I realized the series was running out of steam is when the Wario’s Woods shit started during NES Remix 2. Now, considering that the Remix series turned chicken shit like Urban Champion, Clu Clu Land, Baseball, Tennis, and Ice […]

05 Mar 19
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Doo-Doo-Doo-Doooo! Mixing the gem explosions of Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo with the stacking mechanic of Wario’s Woods, Treasure Stack is an intriguing puzzle game. Although there are some addicting qualities, the few elements that miss the mark hold back the experience from being the next big puzzler. Like controlling Toad in Wario’s Woods, the […]

05 Mar 19

A puzzler with hidden depths – but perhaps an offputting level of initial complexity.

18 Feb 19
DReager1's Blog

It’s time to look at a very old Nintendo game. This one is so old that I’ve actually never heard of it before. If you told me that Yoshi got a game which was just called…Yoshi, I never would have believed you. I probably would have laughed and quickly explained that we already had Dr. […]

13 Feb 19
Super Mario Land

Wario Action Figure 1. Wario Land II’s Beer In Wario Land II, released on the Game Boy Color, there are certain effects that seem to defect when Wario is hit by an enemy. One of the most baffling effects regarded by players is when Wario gets hit with a ball that’s thrown by a penguin. […]

06 Feb 19

Dos de los mejores títulos de NES llegan este mes a Nintendo Switch.

18 Jan 19
Comics Universes

A lot of retro game collectors out there know the value of a good, rare NES game. Heck, we’ve seen copies of Bonk’s Adventure and Panic Restaurant clear out for hundreds of dollars. But a new auction service has managed to start selling very rare versions of popular games for thousands. Based on this report […]