22 Feb 19

Eng fofzeg Natiounen hu sech entscheet d‘US-Politik ze stäipen, a setzen sech fir e Stuerz vun der venezuelanescher Regierung an. Interessant: och d‘Mediekonzerner, an den USA, Latäinamerika an Europa, hu sech zum Zil gesat, eng amerikanesch Marionett un d‘Muecht ze bréngen. An der Tëschenzäit eskaléiert d‘Situatioun weider, wat an éischter Linn de Provokatioune vu „Baussen“ […]

21 Feb 19
Sumo Sacerdote

Getting into this subject, I’ll post a few things from Arlene’s keepsakes that deal with the takeover of California by secret agent clowns. This includes weight lifting, which introduces it’s relationship to mail order and mailing list compilations that have evolved into full spectrum information gangsterism.  The name Joe Weider is prominent, and his name […]

20 Feb 19
Physical Culture Study

In the decades before bodybuilding became fashionable, when young men wanted to workout, they would say, “Hey, lets’ go to the YMCA and lift weights” In fact, during the early part of this century, weightlifting was much more popular than bodybuilding, in part because bodybuilding was regarded as too narcissistic. Inveterate observers of weight-training history […]

18 Feb 19
Mindful Fitness Journey

I am so excited to share this post today! I have been building a garage gym for the last couple of weeks, and I wanted to share the process with you. I’ve been going to the gym since summer of 2017, then I started with a personal trainer in March of 2018.  I’m going to […]

18 Feb 19
Physical Culture Study

Though oftentimes derided on the gym floor, the leg press machine has nevertheless become a staple of weight lifting life through the globe. Yes it’s not as ‘hardcore’ as the squat and yes it’s oftentimes abused by bros quarter repping but this piece of equipment has a long and interesting history behind it. A long […]

16 Feb 19
Train 4 Gains

Brothers Joe & Ben Weider were the architects of muscle! Against all odds, they launched an empire…Along the way they discovered ARNOLD … source

15 Feb 19
Physical Culture Study

A piece of equipment ubiquitous across the gym floor, the Preacher Curl is a go to exercise for gym bros and dedicated trainees alike seeking to build their biceps. Combined with the EZ Bar, whose history is covered here, the Preacher Curl is likely an exercise we’ve all turned to in need of arm development. […]

13 Feb 19

Walking is the most natural activity for most people, since it’s just an extension of an activity of daily living. Just try to sneak it in as often as possible. In rainy weather get a nice big umbrella, in cold weather wear a scarf or ski mask in necessary. When I lived in Boulder we […]

13 Feb 19
Shopper News Note

For sale. Swivel office chair. $5.00. Please dial 405-756-0388. For sale. Weider gym set. $99.99. Please dial 405-760-0935. For sale. Whirlpool gas dryer. Great condition. Like new. $75.00. Please dial 405-756-7231. For sale. One swivel stand. $5.00. Please dial 405-760-0935. For sale. Hamilton Beach muffin egg sandwich maker. $20.00. Please dial 405-760-0935. For sale. Baby […]

13 Feb 19

Leckerer Proteinlieferant mit satten 40% Eiweißanteil. Kohlenhydrat- und zuckerarm, somit der perfekte Eiweißriegel für den Aufbau und die Definition der Muskulatur.

Geschmacksrichtung: Schokolade, Red Fruits, Erdnuss-Karamell, Stracciatella, Erdbeere, Latte Macchiato
Gewicht: 50g Riegel

12 Feb 19
Excellence Personal Training

Trying harder is not enough either….. You’ve got to get results! You’ve got To Be Ready To DIE! What results DO YOU WANT? How Do You Want Your Body To Be? Make Up your mind. How Do You WANT TO FEEL? Next you’ve got to have a clear practical plan. How can you go about getting what you want? […]