17 Apr 19

Thoughtfulness cannot be understated. Thank the candidate for the time they took out of their day to apply, prepare and show up. You kind of have to think about what job hunting may be like for others in order to sound and feel genuine in your copy. There is hope; you have acknowledged that with […]

14 Apr 19
News Archives Uk

Chippewa Falls sent two boys to the state meeting last year, one of which is back: JD Czech, who has qualified in the discus. Sophomore Ella Behling opted for the girls last year, and she starts off this season with a solid start. Sammie Riedel returns to the girls' squad after qualifying for the high-jump […]

06 Apr 19
Pam's Perspective

The spring market is quickly gaining momentum. There are 130 Open Houses in Fairfield this weekend. Come out and find your new home and move in by summer. Address Town Price Time MLS 152 London Terrace Fairfield Woods $665,000  Sat Apr 6, 12:00AM-3:00PM 170167302 161 Woodbine Lane Stratfield $710,000  Sat Apr 6, 1:00PM-3:00PM 170174333 132 […]

02 Apr 19

What you need to know about ‘Inside Edition’ anchor Deborah Norville’s husband of 31 years, Karl Wellner, successful business and father to their three kids.

31 Mar 19

Pool #1 – Iowa Black Guaranteed 1st place Match #1 Round 1 Iowa Black defeated Legends of Gold 46-36 75 – Trevon Oehme (Legends of Gold) over Connor Fiser (Iowa Black) Dec 3-1 80 – Sloan Johannsen (Legends of Gold) over Ethan Skoglund (Iowa Black) Fall 3:56 85 – Kade Blume (Iowa Black) over Hayden Schroeder (Legends of Gold) SV-1 3-1 90 – Ayson Rice (Legends of Gold) over Derrick Bass (Iowa Black) Fall 3:35 […]

30 Mar 19
Pam's Perspective

Address Neighborhood Price Time 205 Autumn Ridge Rd. University $539,900  Sat Mar 30, 1:00AM-3:00PM 6 Wellner Dr. Stratfield $749,900  Sat Mar 30, 1:00AM-3:00PM 469 Westway, Unit #202 Southport $1,275,000  Sat Mar 30, 1:00PM-3:00PM 22 Creconoof Rd. Lake Hills $699,000  Sat Mar 30, 1:00PM-3:00PM 107 Crosby St., Unit #107 Stratfield $529,000  Sat Mar 30, 1:00PM-4:00PM 107 […]

27 Mar 19
The Mugdown

Contrary to your own false perceptions, your friend, Chloe Wellner, was reportedly thankful to not have your dumpster-fire relationship on Wednesday. “It is so nice not to have their relationship,” said Wellner, who frequently ends up third-wheeling with you and your boyfriend. “I don’t have any boyfriend drama or a boyfriend at all for that […]

27 Mar 19
BBC Newslight UK


The history of the Antarctic Ice Sheet is recorded in its icebergs

27 Mar 19
Lowmiller Consulting Group Blog

It sounds a bit like sitting in the middle of the road when there’s a queue of juggernauts coming straight at you. This is a little overplayed but it’s kind of what an international group of scientists has just set out to do. The researchers want to position themselves in the centre of “Iceberg Alley” […]

21 Mar 19
Justin Kadi

Last week, I was invited to Berlin to meet with a research team from TU Darmstadt and TU Berlin that works on the impact of urban tourism on housing quality in four neighborhoods in Berlin. The team consists of Prof. Sybille Frank, Prof. Kristin Wellner, Dipl-Soz. Anna Raschke, Dipl. Volkswirt Claus Müller and Stefan Brandt, MA. […]

19 Mar 19
Business Web

The Internet of Things is constantly evolving and adding new products to the lineup, providing you with a ton of smart solutions and gadgets for your home. Two popular choices of digital assistants these days involve Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s HomeKit with Siri. Here are all of the smart home accessories that work flawlessly with […]

19 Mar 19

DELTA CITY…: NOMBRE…: Delta City. ESTADO…: Illinois. PAÍS…: U.S.A. NÚMERO DE HABITANTES…: 987.797 aprox. AÑO DE FUNDACIÓN…: 1798 UNIVERSO…: Mister Mask. 1ª APARICIÓN…: Mister Mask. LUGARES DE INTERÉS…: El Museo del Hampa, Las Torres Tricolor, El Lago Takayla, El Museo de Historia. CIUDAD COSTERA…: No. PRINCIPALES GRUPOS DE HÉROES…: Delta Warriors. PRINCIPALES HÉROES Y ANTIHÉROES…: […]

17 Mar 19
City Report - pnr24

Unterföhring (ots) Drei fiktive Geschichten in den neuen SAT.1-Filmen “Lautlose Tropfen”, “Dein Leben gehört mir” und “Ein ganz normaler Tag” stehen sinnbildlich für die Schicksale zahlreicher Opfer unserer Gesellschaft: K.-o.-Tropfen, Stalking und die unsichere Haltung vieler Bürger, die Zeugen von Gewalt werden. Was kann ich tun, wenn ich selbst in eine solche Situation gerate? Vor allem […]