12 Mar 19
Florida Now

March 12, 2019 – Every auction has its surprises, but no one expected the prison correspondence of Boston gangster Whitey Bulger Jr., to steal the spotlight at Urban Culture Auctions’ (UCA) Feb. 24debut. The 289-lot Sunday session that piggybacked a modern design sale hosted by UCA’s parent company, Palm Beach Modern Auctions, featured a lively mix of what auctioneer Rico Baca called “the fun […]

27 Oct 18
Air Times News Network

LUMUT, 27 Okt – Tindakan pantas dua anggota Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia (TLDM) berjaya menyelamatkan dua pemancing yang hampir lemas selepas terjatuh dari bot dinaiki mereka dipercayai akibat dipukul ombak di Selat Dinding berhampiran Jeti Dalam, Tambatan Pangkalan TLDM Lumut semalam. Dalam kejadian pukul 8 malam itu, Weltron Duanis dan Jamalul Hayat A. Baser yang […]

16 Oct 18

A friend over at the Fall Online Forum (FOF) recently started a discussion called “Music Formats and You.” There had been a little sparring among members about digital vs analog formats in various threads, so to pull the conversations into one place (and possibly to reduce bile levels elsewhere), he framed a new discussion with […]

30 Jul 18
Louise Smith - Graphic Design 1: Core Concepts - Learning Log

After reading the requirements for assignment 5 I have decided to take brief 2: “Promotional Design” and use this for my final assignment. When looking at all 3 of the briefs, Promotional Design was the only one that I had more of a clear sense of direction and inspiration immediately which is my reasoning for […]

19 Jun 18
She's On Her Toes

It seems counterintuitive. Wouldn’t you want to workout in the summer?  But, alas.  No.  What seems like a busy time for fitness is actually known in the industry as the dreaded summer fitness slump. 

18 Apr 18
Robb Report

The watch collector and vintage car enthusiast loves a good flea market.