Weremoose Reviews

01 Dec 18

Your Mother writes unoriginal scripts in Hell! Synopsis: A former cop starts working at her local city morgue to help deal with her addiction and past mistakes. One night, she finds herself dealing with mysterious events when the morgue takes in the body of a young girl who was previously possessed by a powerful demon. Review: I […]

23 Nov 18

Short…but to the point. Synopsis: A rather eccentric therapist of some sorts, is caring for (and torturing) a young man who desperately wants to see this mysterious woman. Review: First off, I would like to apologize for the short and somewhat vague synopsis for today’s film. you see, this is the first time I’ve ever reviewed a […]

17 Nov 18

Thy homage be done on Earth, as it is on Netflix… Synopsis: A former Christian travels to an island to rescue his kidnapped sister from a fanatic cult. Things start to become even stranger and deadlier during his time at the small village, as he finds out more about the people’s religion.   Review: As soon as […]

02 Nov 18

Enter the Dysfunctional Family Horror… Synopsis: A dysfunctional group consisting of a troubled kid and his best friend’s family decide to go camping for the weekend. Unfortunately, the kids witness their neighbor drugging some of the locals and introducing them to her own variation of a dysfunctional family; which happens to be zombies. With nowhere to […]

26 Oct 18

The girl who cried “ghost”. Synopsis: A brother and sister ( played by Ben Lloyd-Hughes & Florence Pugh) lead a group of fake paranormal investigators in order to con locals out of money. However, the sister learns that she happens to have a true connection to real spirits. Her gift is truly tested when they begin […]