Western Mountaineering

19 Mar 19
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Finest Sleeping Bag Race Ever! Moving into in a warm and warm sleeping bag like you're a newly covered burrito is heaven after a long day on the path. If you're on a trip where weight and area are your primary top priority, a one pound sleeping bag slips easily into the corner of your […]

19 Mar 19

Beinn Eighe in 1951 was a place a lot different from today, it was a remote area with simple roads and though one of the best mountains in Scotland was in winter a serious undertaking. Beinn Eighe is the bulkiest of the trinity of great Torridon peaks in the far North West Of Scotland. The […]

19 Mar 19

!! ⚠️ CAUTION! MAY CAUSE EXTREME BOREDOM ⚠️!! YOU’VE BEEN WARNED OK. *breathes in* Let’s do this. We only spent around 4 weeks in China, but by then, I had noticed some recurrent behaviour traits: – Ill manners: rudness was pervasive. It was present mostly at train stations: I was shocked to see grown-ups fighting […]

18 Mar 19

There are many cruise and cursing alternatives that offer you the high-quality sights and beautiful landscape of the Western Mediterranean Sea. Popular stops consist of Greece. All-4-Yachting gives a sailing trip to the island of Greece. Well, the summer time is ending. And heading into the summer time months, many a traveler will look to […]

16 Mar 19
Grumpy Hiker

It was cold overnight – so cold the woolly hat was needed to keep my ears warm. My Western Mountaineering sleeping bag kept the rest of me toasty. Had my first good night’s sleep – 9 hours – but did not want to leave my cosy cocoon at 6.30am.

16 Mar 19

By: Shiena Mae A. Paler The Bicol Region or Region V, also known as Bicolandia, is one of the 17 regions of the Philippines. Bicol (also spelled Bikol) is composed of four provinces in the Bicol Peninsula, the southeastern end of Luzon Island, and two island-provinces adjacent to the peninsula. Its regional center is Legazpi […]

14 Mar 19
The Giles Hike

This is my review of my custom Nunatak Alpinist 30/35F Mummy Bag. Here is a video if that is more your jam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rD8XI5ZaZRc Product Link Overview I used mummy bags (as many of us did) for years before finding ultralight backpacking. Once I started to trim down the weight of my pack, I discovered quilts. I […]

14 Mar 19
Bastien Missud

This is the longest effort of my life, about 7 hours to cover just over 51 kilometers and 2800 meters of elevation gain. It has put my body and mind through Hell but I was definitely running in Paradise and Over the Moon to make it to the podium in a fierce competition for my […]

14 Mar 19
Sufficient Living

An opportunity for NRI’s property investment – Khandala People from Mumbai and Pune have been sharing their weekend meetings in Khandala with their friends and loved ones. But Khandala has become a tourist destination and a place to have a home, to one of the hottest places for property investment. Khandala, one of the most […]

13 Mar 19
Outsiding Fun & Fitness

Last summer, Western Mountaineering finally introduced two quilts into their vast line of sleeping bags, both made in the USA using some of highest quality materials available. We were one of the first to get our hands on the 11oz. NanoLite quilt for some summer and fall bikepacking. Here’s a first look, thoughts on this […]

13 Mar 19
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Kilimanjaro Sleeping Bags. A warm sleeping bag is an outright must for Mount Kilimanjaro, regardless of the season you plan to trek. The Semoo Convenience Lightweight sleeping bag is a decent 3 season bag you'll want to take on those long beach vacations and household trips to Sequoia or other National Parks. It's made of […]

13 Mar 19
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How To Pick Your Next Sleeping Bag– Along Dusty Roads. A detailed guide to the very best ultralight backpacking sleeping bags. The Swallow Nano 20 withstands a temperature of 20 ° F, has 16.8 ounces of 900-fill goose down, and a waterproof shell. You can't go wrong with a lightweight bag made of top quality […]

13 Mar 19
PNW Adventure

It was almost 12 years ago to the day, but Emilee McBryde remembers it like it was yesterday. It was a bright, sunny afternoon at Willamette Pass Resort. Emilee’s brother Nathan McBryde, visiting the resort with his family and Boy Scout troop on a ski trip, was having the time of his life. Nathan was […]

12 Mar 19
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Sleeping Bags Examined By Our Professional Gear Testers. Buying the best sleeping bag can provide a comfy sleep after a long daring day. Finding the very best backpacking sleeping bags of 2018 required us to search customer reviews, rankings, product descriptions from manufacturers and significant merchants, and more. What we found lead us to our […]

11 Mar 19
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One of two expedition teams, who wanted to reach the winter ascent of the second highest mountain in the world for the first time, has given up. The second team is still hoping for a better weather at K2, the second highest mountain in the world. At Nanga Parbat, the 8125 meters ninth highest mountain […]

10 Mar 19
AT 2019

It is here…the last day to prune my pack of needless stuff.  The list below is just that…a list, without the items weighed individually.  The total pack weight, My Carry & Weary Weight, is listed at the end.   Description Plan: No cooking, hence no stove, fuel, pots, etc. Navigation tool – iPhone with GPS and […]