Western Mountaineering

23 Jul 19
Bob Costello

Tuesday 23 July 2019 Well a Nautical Nomad blog with a difference this time, as it is a mixture of a land-based trip together with an element of sea travel by way of CalMac ferries on my way to my favorite island Barra. A very much last-minute trip with a frenetic afternoon yesterday struggling to […]

23 Jul 19
AjiNet Services

The park is a beautiful site in the western touristic circuit, rich in diverse flora and fauna and the local cultural touch.A visit to the four explorable caves will give you a memorable experience. Location The park is located in Bungoma County, in the western touristic circuit,470KM (292 miles) northwest of Nairobi  straddling  the border […]

23 Jul 19
The unique blog 1024

It is really challenging to identify the most lovely beaches in Greece and that's since there are many. Others have deep blue waters, others green, others are sandy and others have pebbles. The safe bet is that they are all really unique and if you are offered the chance to swim there, you need to […]

20 Jul 19
The Magic of Wor(l)ds

– ‘The Magic of Wor(l)ds’ blog is a hobby, reviews and other bookish stuff on this site are done for free. – Today I’m on the ‘The Kompromat Kill’ blogtour, organised by Rachel’s Random Resources. To promote this book I have a Q&As post, but before I let you read it first some ‘basic’ information. […]

19 Jul 19
Small Towns to Summits

“You have 20 more steps You have 10 more steps Katie, that’s a great foot hold – trust it Alex, your ice axe is in there deep – trust it.” These words of encouragement were shouted at us from below the Old Chute, 30 minutes after we had already successfully summited Mt. Hood and stood […]

19 Jul 19
Erik Normark

This list is stuff that I usually bring on a weeks summer trip in the wild, when I want to go light. Clothes (on and packed) Short underwear, cotton 2 Long johns, wool Long sleeve underwear, thin wool 2  (or cotton shirts on warm trips) Long sleeve, thick wool Fleece shirt Trousers, windproof (Fjällräven Karl) […]

19 Jul 19
D'n'K on the PCT

This section went through Goat Rocks Wilderness (a lovely high mountain ridgeline), Mt Adams Wilderness (skirting Mt Adams – a volcano), and Indian Heaven Wilderness (an alpine lake region). Overall the region was dominated by volcanoes and lava fields. When not in the Wilderness regions we traipsed through the trees of the Gifford-Pinchot National Forest. […]

17 Jul 19
to the top of the world

July 2018 – I stood at 5500 meters on Muztagh Ata, Father of Glaciers, more than 2000 meters away from its peak and thought this was the closest I will come to touching the sky and flying above the clouds. I slept a night in the embrace of the Father of Glaciers, listening to its […]

17 Jul 19
Jane Hunt Writer

They were preparing for decades – now it’s time to take them down. When a British Diplomat is kidnapped in the heart of London, followed by a brutal double-assassination in Chelsea, MI5 braces for the threat of deep sleeper cells coming alive. Hiding overseas with a price on his head, Sean Richardson is tasked to […]

16 Jul 19
Our Journey To Entrepreneurship

What is Entrepreneurship?  Entrepreneurship. A term which reveals many different associations such as “start-up“, “design thinking“, “lean concept“ or “agile management“. But how is entrepreneurship exactly defined? From an economic perspective, entrepreneurship is the creation of a new business and the bearing of the risk associated with that business in exchange for profits to be […]

16 Jul 19
Highpointer Puma

I had definitely been looking forward to this trip. For the last couple of years, state highpointing had basically been a diversion for me as well as a fun way of seeing the country. Britton Hill, Florida; Ebright Azimuth, Delaware; Mount Sunflower, Kansas. You get the point. Enjoyable travel, but not any kind of legitimate […]

16 Jul 19
Latest News

Smart sports accessories help in monitoring the athletes’ performances in their practice sessions. Moreover, such accessories play an instrumental role in helping the players reach at their peak performance levels faster. At the beginning, the clothing was the only accessory used in several types of sports, but with rapid technological advancement, sports accessories are no […]

16 Jul 19

by Katharine Coldiron, an interview with Deborah Baker on her book The Last Englishmen

15 Jul 19
Meaningful Events

Are you all set to climb the most valued hike on Mt. Everest ? If yes, then you must go through the below list in order to learn what must be carried when to ease out your meaningful climbing to Mt. Everest. Climbing Equipment Ice ax: General mountaineering ax, mountaineering”walking” span, 60 – 80 cm […]

14 Jul 19
2wheelsgood 4wheelsbad

The bike was not so repairable after all. Sooo… New bike. Andrew at https://www.gearedupbikes.com Was super helpful, going way above and beyond to help me sort out my options. But……. As I was waiting for the new bike to be set up and the bags transferred, I ran into the guys I climb with in […]