When You Don't Know Why People Like Some Of Your Crap And Dislike The Things You Put Effort Into

19 Jan 19
my notebook

Since I follow several vegan accounts I’ve noticed some ‘reaction’ videos and things to social media people who have announced they are ‘no longer vegan’ for various reasons. I don’t get involved with drama and I don’t get involved with the judging of people, leaving nasty comments etc., however I’ve noticed I have been thinking […]

12 Jan 19
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12 Jan 19

Divine Punishment upon this NEET too! TL: Cannongerbil Editor: BoringBone, Ulti, Xenthur

11 Jan 19

Starting the Whole30 “diet” was a way to wipe my slate clean and start over. I found myself walking through the isles at the grocery store with no sense of excitement or pleasure as I saw all of the boxes of foods and their fancy labels. I knew that eating these things did nothing for […]

10 Jan 19
Living Well Spending Less®

Curious about the Keto Diet? What is it, is it safe, and is it possible to keep up long-term? Can kids do it, too? Don’t miss this comprehensive post that explains everything you need to know to find out if the ketogenic way of eating is the right fit for you!

08 Jan 19
Otome Tantei

Hello everyone! Happy new year! It’s been a while since I made a recommendation post and I figured, why not make an anime one, for once? I’m someone who’s prone to get sad and stressed duringholiday-season so, in order to cheer myself up, I tend to watch anime that’ll make me smile. This got me […]

08 Jan 19
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05 Jan 19
Tostadas Army

  Konosuba Volume 15: Chapter 2   ¡Castigando También a este NEET!   Part 1   In a dimly lit room. “… Don’t think you’ll be treated this cordially forever. I’ll ask again… Satou-dono, you hit a passing priest who has done nothing to provoke you with a dropkick yesterday. Do you deny this?” “I […]

04 Jan 19
Writes of the Roundtable

The moment we were waiting for has come and gone, Clockblockers. The Timeless movie aired on December 20, and gave us one of the most precious Christmas gifts we could have all asked for. Rufus was saved, Flynn turned out to be an amazing hero and Lyatt not only worked things out, but had a beautiful, beautiful […]

31 Dec 18
Punk and Pushing 40, Version 2.0

Alright, dearies, 2018 is coming to a close, and I feel the need to scratch out some kind of send-off, as I am feeling particularly grateful (albeit exhausted) from all that has transpired this year.  “Of course, you’re grateful, Iron Paul.  You’ve got an inheritance.” #1 – Screw you.  Everybody died.  That’s how I got […]

26 Dec 18
Status Quo Defenders!

This is my reaction to an article by Tamela J. Gordon, called “All VVhite People Are Racist. Yes. All.” Yes, that’e the title. Yes, it sucks.  First off, notice how all subtlety and nuance is removed by the title. “All white people” is obviously not “some,” or even “many.” The first image in my mind […]

23 Dec 18
Ricktworick1's TSC Rankings

The most anticipated ranking of the year is now up and I bet you guys couldn’t be more excited! The quality of music in TSC has dropped significantly in comparison to last year. There were just so many duds this time around that I have decided to expand my list to include 30 entries rather […]

23 Dec 18

2018 was the first year I chose a make nine. Did I make em all? Nah, and I’m not gonna cry over it. Was it worth choosing a nine? Yeah, as it gave me some direction. Am I going to choose another nine for 2019? Fo sho. In fact, I’ve already chosen them and you lucky […]