20 Feb 19
The Elisean Plains | Elise Estrella

Im sitting at our dining table, having coffee and eating a peanutbutter sandwich. I just watered my plants (because I consider them MY plants now and not my mother’s), and I fed all the hungry babies. I’m still sleepy and still tired. Which is probably why I almost used the cats’ tuna-flavored Whiskas on a […]

19 Feb 19

Pet food is animal or plant material that is used for consumption by pets. These products are sold through a variety of distribution channels. However, these products are primarily made available in supermarkets and pet stores. The global pet food market offers specific food, which can be categorized as dog food, bird food, fish food, […]

18 Feb 19
Indian Cat Lady

The cliche of cats adopting humans is true. Stray cats in India have it rough. There are 5 dogs on every street hunting them down, congested roads, food not easily available, heavy traffic and mostly hostile people. Cats are clever and are good at finding safe spots but the going is tough. So when you […]

18 Feb 19
Archy news nety

Edeka forbade products from three popular brands on the shelves. For confectionery, the situation has now changed for the better. Edeka threw popular candies off the shelf – now it's time Update of February 16, 2019: For two months sweets had needed fans without Edeka on Mars or Snickers – now there are the popular […]

17 Feb 19

Selamat hari Minggu semuanya. Selamat kembali beraktivitas esok hari. Sangat disayangkan kemarin saya tidak menulis apapun di blog ini. Memang ternyata membiasakan menulis blog itu sedikit sulit untuk saya. Walaupun demikian, saya akan menulis dua blog hari ini. Sebelum lanjut ke cerita lucu dan konyol hari ini, saya akan menjelaskan secara singkat dulu alasan saya, […]

16 Feb 19
The Russophile

Formerly known as Russia Today, the channel devotes airtime to pundits from left and right many of them UK politicians. After a week watching its often surreal output, our novelist asks himself: is this really the best Moscow can do? The top narrative on the 9am news on RT- the Kremlin-backed English-language television channel formerly […]

13 Feb 19

An Evening With Central (ITV, 1994) I’m always on the lookout for old adverts online, so I was pleased to discover a video on YouTube recently which was almost an hour’s worth of adverts and continuity from the Central region that was recorded when someone left a tape running one night. I just can’t resist […]

10 Feb 19
The Big Boys

Mars Petcare Cesar Temptations/Dreamies Eukanuba Iams Nutro Pedigree Royal Canin Sheba Whiskas Mars Wrigley Confectionery m&m’s Wrigley’s Extra Snickers Twix Skittles Dove 3 Musketeers 5 gum Altoids American Heritage Historic Chocolate Amicelli Balisto Wrigley’s Big Red Bounty Celebrations Combos Stuffeed Snacks Wrigley’s DoubleMint Wrigley’s Eclipse Ethel m. Chocolates Galaxy goodness Knows snack squares Wrigley’s Hubba […]

08 Feb 19
paws of joy

Here are some tips and tricks on taking care of you feline friend – Washing- To wash your cat you will first need shampoo for cats just warning you sometimes it can be quit expensive right around 50 USD and put a towel under so it does not get scared make make sure the water […]