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25 Apr 19
O Society

The Green New Deal sets an ambitious goal. Here’s how to get there. by Winona LaDuke In These Times edited by O Society April 25, 2019 The Anishaabe people have a prophecy: a time will come when we have to choose between two paths: one scorched, one green. For those who choose the green path, […]

25 Apr 19
The Little Lai: Beyond limits

Truly, summer in the Philippines could be really hot and this is the season that most people would likely be really exciting about. It is when most sun lovers and beach worshippers really waited. Cebu has a lot of white powdery sand beaches along with its shoreline and some are actually making their name famously […]

25 Apr 19
Cryptic Rock

Consistency is a difficult attribute to attain in the over-saturated world of modern Heavy Metal music. Consistent quality is another matter entirely. This elusive trait, seen even less frequently, is something that has come very easily to the Norse Pagan Black Metal institution known as Kampfar. Yet, the life of a touring musician can take […]

25 Apr 19

Green, yellow, red. Spicy, creamy, tangy. If we’re talking one cuisine that features all the colours of the rainbow and flavours of the tasting palate, it’s this: Indian. The sound of curry and naan bread has become familiar to the ears of many Westerners, with Indian dishes being served all over the world in recent […]

25 Apr 19
Cairo to Capetown on Bicycles

  Giddy Up! Since entering Botswana we have had 9 cycling days sandwiched around a single off day in Maun.  The average day’s assignment has been 162 km for a total of 1463. It hasn’t all been fun.   We are tired in general, our rear ends are sore, and the only chocolate to be had […]

25 Apr 19
Jimmy Marks {dot} Design

Imagine going into a deli and seeing “Gangster Sandwich” on the menu. You ask the person behind the counter, “What is the Gangster Sandwich?” They tell you, “Oh, it’s a pastrami on rye.” The end. That’s what’s on the sandwich. “What makes it ‘Gangster,’ exactly?” you ask. “Well, Gangsters eat sandwiches, don’t they?” the counter […]

25 Apr 19
valbjerke's Blog

Well, I needed an attention grabbing headline 🙂 I might have been eight….maybe nine, when my mom taught me how to make bread.  I don’t really think she thought it something I needed to know how to do – rather, she was sick to death of making bread – every single Saturday, rain or shine, whether […]

25 Apr 19
Aletho News

By Dick Callahan – 10.18.2018 “It was not as if there was a Palestinian people in Palestine and we came and threw them out and took their country away from them. They did not exist.” Former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir. “The mountainsides were cut in terraces, many of them but a few yards wide, […]

25 Apr 19
I Smell Cakes and Candy by Custom Made Love

A little background about me and food, I love to create. It’s experimental for me.  Scientific.  Especially sugar.  A very universal and divine creation by God that has a wide range of capabilities including but not limited to making your thighs magically grow. Now listen this isn’t a sugar bashing blog post, I mean after […]

25 Apr 19
The Real Truckmaster

4-25-2019   What are Politicians and Their Promises?   “A statesman is a politician who places himself at the service of the nation. A politician is a statesman who places the nation at his service” [Georges Pompidou]   As we enter into the campaign season for the 2020 Presidential Election the stakes could not be […]

25 Apr 19

President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign adviser Lara Trump said on “America’s Newsroom” on Thursday that Democratic candidate Joe Biden supports policies that are too far-left for most Americans.

Joe Biden is just among a sea of other [Democratic] candidates who quite frankly are all trying to out-Bernie one another, [they are] so far left, [have] become so radical,” said Lara, who is married to the president’s son, Eric.

Earlier in the day, the former vice president announced that he was throwing his hat into the ring to be the Democratic nominee for the 2020 presidential election.

Biden said that the “soul of this nation” is at stake if President Donald Trump wins re-election.


The 76-year-old Biden becomes an instant front-runner alongside Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is leading many polls and has proved to be a successful fundraiser. Biden has legislative and international experience that is unmatched in the Democratic field, and he is among the best-known faces in U.S. politics.

Lara Trump said that both Biden and Sanders are to the extreme left of most American voters.

“When you look at things like Bernie Sanders running on socialism…when he claims that the Boston Marathon bombers should have the right to vote – that is so far outside what I think most Americans can back.”

In a video posted on Twitter, Biden focused on the 2017 deadly clash between white supremacists and counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia. Biden noted Trump’s comments that there were some “very fine people” on both sides of the violent encounter, which left one woman dead.

“We are in the battle for the soul of this nation,” Biden said. “If we give Donald Trump eight years in the White House, he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation — who we are. And I cannot stand by and watch that happen.”


Lara Trump dismissed Biden’s message as “race-baiting as usual, as we see from the Democrats, and identity politics is something I think we’ll see more of.”

“I didn’t hear any proposal for the future of this country in his announcement,” she said.

She said that she expects her father-in-law to do well in the election, including in Biden’s home state of Pennsylvania, because he has kept promises.


“Pennsylvania is a state that Donald Trump won because he promised the people there that he would get them their jobs back,” she said. “The manufacturing jobs that were taken away that Barack Obama — who I might remind folks was a partner right alongside Joe Biden and got a lot of nothing accomplished — said we had lost for good and would never get the manufacturing jobs back. Donald Trump brought them back. That’s something the people of Pennsylvania are incredibly grateful for.”

She added: “Whether you are talking about Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Michigan, people are going to look at their lives in 2020 and say ‘is stuff better for me now than it was before Donald Trump took office or will we give Joe Biden a chance to do nothing like we saw during the Obama years?’”


The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Source: Fox News Politics

25 Apr 19
Music Business Theory

Can you judge a book by it’s cover? Maybe or maybe not, but people for SURE judge a video by it’s thumbnail. If the very first thing a potential viewer sees is your thumbnail, it is your job to make sure that it is the very best it can be. Let’s dive into the essentials […]

25 Apr 19
New Age Chaos

Sonalee Rashatwa gave a speech on “radical fat liberation” at the St. Olaf College in Minnesota and was organized by their “Women’s and Gender Studies Department” and “Center for Equity and Inclusion” (unless you are a white man)

25 Apr 19
Humans with tattoos

I became interested in tattoos when I was still very young. I must’ve been 12 years old when I was browsing through a magazine called Suosikki and saw an article about the Finnish singer Ville Valo. I looked at his photos and thought “oh, his tattoos are so cool – I wish I had tattoos, […]