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10 Dec 18
A Design In Mind

Link for original article(will be taken out for final, only included for reference): https://chaseshci.wordpress.com/2018/10/09/crowdsourcing-design-sprint   Introduction My team and I got really good feedback from the crowdsourcing peer reviews and I took into consideration the top three pieces of feedback we got to possibly implement for the final portfolio. The first suggestion we got was […]

09 Dec 18

This blog will be evaluating Discord based on the principles of Consistency, Visibility, Prior Knowledge and Feedback. Discord does have a consistent interface throughout all the different pages. Gawronski & Strack (2012) stated that consistency is where different elements have the same or similar content to them. Figure 1 shows discord having a consistent colour […]

08 Dec 18

The above book has given me an insight into the motives and purpose of architectural drawing. This information will help me when forming my own style of drawing and rendering within architectural visualisation. I have made a list and reviewed some of the relevant theoretical points that I found useful within the literature: Cook discusses […]

08 Dec 18
Gethellen's Masters

  The history of psychology has been dominated by an ethnocentric approach, measuring other cultures against Western ‘universal truths’ (Benjamin, 2007). Implications for ethnic minority groups have included under-representation and oppressive mainstream constructs that threaten to douse indigenous fires of knowledge and experience (Goodwin, 2012).  Carolyn Attneave was an American Indian psychologist who brought the […]

08 Dec 18
The Coyote

Okay, first blog post. I’m 27, and very lethargic all the time. I am on SSRI’s to battle anxiety, however, I was like this before I started taking them since I was about 17 probably. Tired, don’t have the energy to stay out at night with friends, love my bed etc, you all know the […]

08 Dec 18
Hamster's Hideout

During one’s physics studies, one might come to appreciate the existence of different kinds of charge distribution. First, we have charge density functions describing charges “smeared” across space, in the sense that in zero volume there will be zero charge. We would have also come across “point charges”, which are typically artificially incorporated into charge […]

07 Dec 18

Taylor Traenkle Professor Bekeh Ukelina Research Paper Cortes Conquest of the Aztec Empire: A Major Cause of the Atlantic Slave Trade In 1519, Hernan Cortes and his men set sail to the Americas and came across the native Aztec Empire in Mexico. After a brief period of peace and trust, Cortes turned on King Montezuma […]

07 Dec 18

It is commonly observed and acknowledged that where there are systems of power, there will be resistance. Resistance is in fact ignited by oppression, by the violation of people’s freedom and a lack in their satisfaction. Interestingly, people find many ways to resist, and that, after having felt the urge to make a change, to […]

07 Dec 18

Ritual of Evil is a 1970 American made-for-television horror feature film directed by Robert Day (The Initiation of Sarah; Fear No Evil; Grip of the Strangler) from a screenplay by Robert Presnell Jr., based on characters created by Richard Alan Simmons. Produced by David Levinson, the Universal movie stars Louis Jourdan, Anne Baxter, Diana Hyland andWilfrid Hyde-White. Plot: […]

07 Dec 18
Composing the Self

I stand in front of the mirror, my hair still damp from the shower and my body draped in my normal attire of a t-shirt and shorts. My eyes and hands graze over my body, over the muscles in my arms, the stiffness of my core, and the length of my legs. A small smile […]

07 Dec 18
Why Horror is So Popular?

People walk into the theatre, sit on the seats and they watch the horror film for two hours. I believe for the people who do not like horror films cannot understand why people can stay at the cinema and allow themselves to be scared by the horror films. I think to understand how people engaged […]

07 Dec 18
McGrath's Perspective

There are two contradictions of capitalism within political economy. The first contradiction of capitalism “describes the tendency for capitalism to eventually undermine the economic conditions for its own perpetuation, through overproduction of commodities, reduction of wages for would-be consumers, etc., predicted to eventually lead to responses by workers to resist capitalism leading to a new […]

06 Dec 18
Jasmin's Blog

The penultimate blog, are you excited?? You know I am! Especially when today’s topic is *drumroll* Language Learning through Gaming!! It’s been said that “digital technologies are greatly influenicing all spheres of education, and the field of language education is no different” (Peterson, 2013). As well as that apparently “digital gameplay is also rapidly expanding […]

06 Dec 18
Global Climate Change: Science and Policy

A Quickly Changing Russian Climate Matthew Young Portland State University Abstract: Russia’s climate has remained relatively undocumented until recent years. In this time there have been many findings about its climate. It is the belief of the Russian government that climate change will do nothing but benefit their country and its people. This is based […]

05 Dec 18
Jake's Writing Journey

Inquiry: How do werewolves portray societal fears and anxieties? What led people to fear the werewolf? Claim: Werewolves depicted a solution to unexplainable encounters. In other words, using myths to explain science. Annotated Bibliography Stewart, Caroline Taylor. The Origin of the Werewolf Superstition. University of Missouri, 1909. This book contains information on the origin werewolf […]