Winsor Newton

23 Feb 19
My Creative Habit

22 February 2018: It took me from October 2018 to 21 February 2019 to finish a larger format of this book. Amidst health issues culminating in making my Fall semester nearly impossible to finish, my creative habit continues to roll on, albeit at a slower rate, especially as I start my 2019 Spring semester and […]

22 Feb 19

Here are a few more of my favorite tools. 1) The Masters Brush Cleaner. This stuff is solid gold and will extend the life of your expensive brushes exponentially. I’ll easily use a Winsor & Newton for several months, and keep them sharp long after they’ve been transferred over to use as a metallic brush […]

22 Feb 19
Skills Art Materials

  Skills in Stony Stratford High Street prides itself on stocking high quality artist supplies for local artists.  We are becoming a specialist in hard to source materials which would otherwise would have to be bought elsewhere online (with no guarantee the materials are genuine if bought cheaply) or when visiting London supplier stores. We […]

22 Feb 19
USk Chicago Sketch Seminar 2019

Workshop 1 DESCRIPTION Chicago views with a local Urban Designer and Landscape Architect. “Fake It Till You Make It” requires confidence, fearlessness, and a hint of madness, but revolves around feeling your way through a drawing with confidence and aims to reduce the stress and anxiety associated with sketching in public. If you have ever […]

20 Feb 19
Art by Karlene

Will Kemp Art School offers an Advanced Still Life Class

20 Feb 19
Clara's UPM

UPM Manual: “Collection painting Revisit a medium you’ve enjoyed using. Lay your collection on a black or dark-coloured surface. Shine a dramatic light on your chosen collection and, working on an A1 or A2 format, make a painting which explores your chosen media and brings together your experiments with line and tone.” I was a […]

20 Feb 19
Marlene Lee Art

I took a workshop from Oliver Sin at the Liv and Chiu Art Studio in Berkeley this past weekend. Just on a whim…when I saw a post from the studio on Instagram. And I’m so glad I did. It was a weekend full of ways to work with vine and pencil charcoal. On Saturday, Oliver […]

19 Feb 19
Lee Muir-Haman Watercolor Painting

Painting snow can be tricky.  Most people think snow is white, but if you look closely, snow is full of color.  Many factors can affect how snow appears, including time of day, temperature, atmosphere, the quality of light, and perspective.  Is the day sunny and bright or overcast?  Is the snow freshly fallen and fluffy […]

19 Feb 19
Erick's Art Life

I am selling the very important art materials in very affordable price. Scroll down and shop now. PENCILSWooden and mechanical, Staedtler, Derwent and Pentel, pencils are an essential art tool for creatives. Find a brand you like working with and make sure you have always have a quality and varied selection close at hand. ERASERS […]

18 Feb 19
Sandrine Maugy

There is something quite magical and romantic about a dip pen with a beautifully marbled handle and a gorgeous nib. The feel you have as you dip the pen and make a mark on the paper with the liquid ink cannot be matched by a felt tip pen. For this ginkgo leaf I have chosen […]

18 Feb 19
The Country Porch

Winsor & Newton Designer Gouache 14ml Tube Burnt Sienna from Winsor Newton. source

18 Feb 19

Oil Cons: Yellowing You want to do some paіnting, so уou book in a me time that is little. You’ve got a canvas ready, you’ve prepared your ground and now you’re ready tο paint. Acrylic Pros: A Crisp edge Acrylic Pros: Acrylics can be a great alternative to oils if you’re working in a confined […]

16 Feb 19

Hello everyone! This is my second blog post today – if you are looking for the card I made as a guest for Challenge Up Your Life you’ll find it here. But now I am thrilled to bring you my third post as Winnie & Walter‘s Leading Lady! I will show you another masking technique, and […]