Winsor Newton

13 Dec 18

  Global Watercolor Paper Market Research Report 2018-2025, by Manufacturers, Regions, Types and Applications (I-BusinessNews.Com, December 13, 2018 ) Report Source: Global Watercolor Paper Market Report is the latest offering at ‘The Market Reports’ which is in-depth analysis of the market and helps an individual or company to understand the market scenario in better […]

13 Dec 18
The Frugal Crafter Blog

Hi friends! Last night I posted a 5 for under $25 gift guide for artists and the response was great! People wanted more ideas for different budgets though so below the video I will give you more great gift ideas that can be ordered and arrive in time for Christmas! But first here is my […]

12 Dec 18
Clara's UPM

UPM Manual: Cut out 20 squares of HP watercolour paper (6×6” or 15x15cm each). Using the materials you enjoyed most during the exercises in Part One, make a painting of one found image on each piece of paper. Once you’ve made them, arrange them in a grid next to one another to form a large […]

12 Dec 18
Shawn Petite

Limitless by Alexa Doebler For this piece, I was excited to use Shawn’s “Faces 5 Looking Over” stencil as a focal point, inspiration & an opportunity to share some tips for shading faces, a question/ challenge people often have. For the background, I didn’t have a plan when I sat down, but knew it would […]

12 Dec 18

Introducing my new watercolour palette I’m delighted to finally be able to introduce you to my new Binning Monro watercolour palette from The Little Brass Box Company.  At the beginning of January 2018, and after much research (and procrastination!) I finally bit the bullet and committed myself to invest in a handmade brass watercolour palette […]

11 Dec 18
lindazoo59's blogs

the main gallery for original artwork online. If it is any comfort, and I know you need your art to promote for as a lot money as doable, your art remains to be the identical artwork, it’s nonetheless just nearly as good, you are still the same artist and you are still simply as good, […]

11 Dec 18
The Life sharonvan28 Blog 532

At Zatista, the main gallery for original art on-line. In an effort to make valid comparisons, you need an excellent ballpark idea how the quality of your art and the extent of your accomplishments stack up against these of different artists, particularly the ones who you’ll be comparing your self to. In other words, don’t […]

11 Dec 18
Seeking & Finding

Advent 2C (Luke 3:1-6). Preached at Grace Episcopal, Houston. Winsor & Newton, a London-based manufacturer and provider of fine art supplies founded in 1832, lists the following information on their website for preparing – or priming – a canvas before it receives paint: “Applying a layer or two of gesso to the surface will help […]

10 Dec 18
Luis Roca

How could I build small successes in watercolor? The few times I’ve worked with it in the past I was left frustrated and with an overall bad impression of the medium. I had convinced myself it just wasn’t for me.

09 Dec 18
Janine Hall

  The work above is seen here as it was shown at the No Format Gallery as part of the Painting Open 2018.  The show was spread across two sites, the other being at Deptford Does Art. This is a play on mixing colours and cutting out swatches in preparation of a painting. The ‘holes’ […]

09 Dec 18
Erik Davis

Hello friends, this weekend has seen new paints and lots of holiday baking, it’s been fantastic! I finally broke down and purchased some Winsor & Newton watercolors.  Da Vinci has been my brand of watercolors for years, and I’ve been happy with Da Vinci, but I thought it was time for a change.  And so […]

08 Dec 18

2018 has seen the round the world commemoration of the war which so devastated a generation a century ago that it continues to haunt human consciousness with its horrors even today. Over the last week, Fitzrovia Chapel in London, formerly part of Middlesex Hospital has been the atmospheric setting for a photography exhibition presented by […]

07 Dec 18

    Shopping for those on your list can be tricky, especially if that special someone is picky. But stick with us and there will be no fuss. We’ve got the goods you need, in a list that is easy to read! Dive right in to the Plant Gift Guide, and peruse Recess’ too, we’ve […]

07 Dec 18

Spirits, witches and enchantment mushrooms possess large amounts of Caroline Casey’s works. The Brooklyn-based craftsman works under the name Occult_Emoji and draws motivation from simply that: the mysterious, fantasies, images and mystery codes. Grasping the ease of watercolor and interminable range of hues it enables her to work with, she spends her mornings painting elaborate […]