23 Apr 19

My current obsessions for this winter… the over-the-knee patent leather long boot. In the spotlight: Tony Bianco’s Jacqui Midnight Stretch Patent Long Boots and Wittner’s Howey Boot.

20 Apr 19
Sam Ash Used Gear

This Karl Bauer 3/4 violin is the perfect instrument for the beginner violin player. The 3/4 size is ideal for children and adults with small fingers. The violin is equipped with Suzuki-style Wittner fine tuners and has a brand new set of D’Addario Prelude strings. This violin is in good condition, all damage to the […]

17 Apr 19
The Russophile

” Toto, We’re Not in the Bronx anymore ,” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may have well said, as she and Bernie Sanders just finished their first rally in Kansas, where they spoke in support of the Wichita Congressional candidate on the Democratic ticket, James Thompson. Ocasio-Cortez learned, she said,” that a girl from the Bronx is welcome […]

10 Apr 19
O Society

by Lawrence Wittner Znet edited by O Society April 10, 2019 In recent weeks, Donald Trump and other Republicans began too paint opponents with the “socialist” brush, contending the adoption of “socialist” policies will transform the United States into a land of dictatorship and poverty. “Democrat lawmakers are now embracing socialism,” Trump warned the annual […]

08 Apr 19

“At home, militarized police departments allow officers to kill unarmed citizens at will w/ zero accountability, two weeks paid vacations and get out of jail free cards. And our leaders export this aggression overseas with illegal drones known to kill an average of 50 innocents per strike.”

03 Apr 19
The Fierce Girl's Guide to Finance

It was the outcome of a conversation at work. Long story, but I decided I needed a pair of designer heels to signal to the world that I was serious. I wanted to prove (to myself, mostly) that I’m a successful, grown-up woman who can do all the serious career things. And so, my friend […]

02 Apr 19
The Australian

Banks have raised their forecasts for the price of Brent crude, the global oil benchmark, in 2019, as the market continues to be supported by production cuts led by the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, as well as geopolitical risks to supply.

01 Apr 19

Wittner 855161 Metronomo nero in plastica con suoneria Maelzel L’ 855 offre uno stile tradizionale con la durata di un involucro di plastica. Forma tradizionale Wittner ; Chiusura meccanica; Metronomo a pendolo; Tempo intervallo 40-208 BPM; Clic e campana suono udibile per accentuare l’inizio di un conteggi

01 Apr 19
Reflections Literary Magazine

Rebecca Wittner She loved the way she woke up at the crack of dawn, hearing the birds whistling outside, looking at the dewy grass illuminated by the sunshine. Being an early riser benefits me, May acknowledged, because she never wasted away her day. This Sunday morning, however, May awoke with apprehension. After expectantly peering through […]

28 Mar 19

Oil collapsed due to a major fire in Texas. What will happen to the barrel A large-scale fire in Texas caused disruptions in oil supplies from the United States. As a result, oil reserves in the country have grown. Prices have fallen. Analysts have explained what will happen to oil now and what price Brent […]

27 Mar 19
The Sierra County Prospect

Apr 5, 2019 – Apr 7, 2019 Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour at The Yuba Theatre see all upcoming events at the Sierra County Arts Council website. Music at the Horn in Sierra City on April 7th featuring The Merry Gold Trio CRAFT FAIR: Loyalton Senior Center, April 27th- to reserve a table call 530-993-4770!  Thanks! […]

25 Mar 19
Russia News Now

In recent weeks, Donald Trump and other Republicans have begun to tar their Democratic opponents with the “socialist” brush, contending that the adoption of socialist policies will transform the United States into a land of dictatorship and poverty. In fact, though, like many of Trump’s other claims, there’s no reason to believe it. The ideal […]