15 Jul 19
The Sierra County Prospect

Billionaires and American politics – by Lawrence Wittner Is the United States becoming a plutocracy? With the manifestly unqualified but immensely rich Donald Trump serving as the nation’s first billionaire president, it’s not hard to draw that conclusion.  And there are numerous other signs, as well, that great wealth has become a central factor in American politics. […]

09 Jul 19
Eat Cry Travel

Date: July 9th, 2019 Location: Melbourne, VIC, Australia Hello again trusty readers! The story I’m about to tell you was originally going to be included in the post before this, but it came clear to me that I needed to release a lot of the stress I’ve been carrying and that post allowed me to […]

09 Jul 19
Sam Ash Used Gear

This Andreas Eastman VL200 3/4 Violin Outfit is in very good condition! There are very minor scuffs on the edges of the violin due to regular use. The strings and bridge are still in excellent shape. There are no cracks or scratches in the wood at all. The zippers on the original case are broken, […]

04 Jul 19
Catherine Thompson Guitars

I haven’t put up guitar photos in quite a while. Here is a blanca that getting close to being done. Next week I’ll make the bridge (bocote, like the headplate), do final touch-ups with sanding and start into beginning the French polish. This one is Canadian Cypress back and sides and neck, Englemann Spruce top. […]

03 Jul 19

NUMBER 1: LEATHER JACKET Having a black leather jacket is the most versatile clothing option you’ll ever have. You can wear leather in any season although winter is absolutely perfect for it. Here are a few styling options for you… On a night out: wearing a loose floral patterned dress from Sabo Skirt or Keepsake will […]

27 Jun 19
Iris May Style

Gorgeous Karen (StyleLoving2) and I, have been writing our LONGandtheSHORTofit fashion posts for quite a while now. So to throw a little something extra into our collaboration mix…you may have also noticed that last week, we both started WW (the new Weight Watchers Freestyle program). Definitely taking our Long and the Short of it to […]

25 Jun 19
Tammy Haynes

A criminal complaint alleges that 48-year old Sufeng Jiang and her boyfriend, 49-year-old Randy Carl Wittner, were profiting off the sexual services of an employee.          from WTSP – News http://rssfeeds.wtsp.com/~/603524756/0/wtsp/home~Couple-charged-with-sex-trafficking via WTSP – NewsIFTTT