Wm Meyer

07 Dec 18
Professional Criminals of America -- REVISED

Charles W. Hall (Abt. 1833-19??), aka Charles E. Stewart, Charles E. Ward, Charles Vallen, J. C. Massie, William Edwards, William Hall. E. C. Stewart, Charles D. Stewart, etc. — Swindler, Check forger, Hotel Thief, Sneak Thief From Byrnes’s 1886 edition: DESCRIPTION. Fifty-two years old in 1886. Born in United States. Book-keeper. Married. Medium build. Height, […]

06 Dec 18

Warendorf (fn-press). Drei neue Spitzenreiter führen die nationalen Ranglisten in Dressur, Springen und Vielseitigkeit an. In der Dressur steht erstmals Dorothee Schneider (Framersheim) an der Spitze, bei den Springreitern hat Marcus Ehning (Borken) die Nase vorn. Und in der Vielseitigkeit heißt die Nummer eins Andreas Dibowski (Döhle). Maßgeblich sind die Erfolge der zurückliegenden Saison in der Zeit […]

27 Nov 18
Der Stürmer

“America is full of businesses bearing old Christian names, but which are really owned and run by Jews. Most of them have been acquired in the manner I have just described, the way the Jew creates something out of nothing (slow strangling). The Jew, better than anyone else in the world knows how to dispossess […]

09 Nov 18

Munich / Lyon – Whether it's football or athletics, basketball or Formula 1 – in our newsletter there are the most important sports news of the day. Short and compact for you. Bayer and Frankfurt continue, Leipzig must tremble Leverkusen Well, after all: Bayer Leverkusen qualified early for the Europa League knockout round with a […]

24 Oct 18
Nachrichten Welt

FOTOS: Ein Blick auf die Red Sox ALCS Feier im Minute Maid Park BOSTON, MA – 23. OKTOBER: Mookie Betts # 50 der Boston-Rot-Sox stiehlt zweite Base während des ersten Innings gegen Manny Machado # 8 des Spiels Los Angeles Dodgersin einer der Weltmeisterschaft 2018 an Fenway Park am 23. Oktober 2018 in Boston , […]

21 Oct 18
The Yellow Pine Times

Elk City, Idaho County Idaho (Part 3 Murder) Murders, Poisonings and Executions in Idaho County from Area Newspaper Articles compiled by Penny Bennett Casey, Idaho County GenWeb — — — — — — — — — — Main Street Elk City, Idaho View of Main Street, Elk City, Idaho From the Mike Fritz Collection courtesy […]

20 Oct 18
Parish Mouse

MANCHESTER. CHEETHAM-HlLL ROAD. Balint, Susman, 26a, Lord Street ; Wholesale and retail cloth dealer. Baum, A., 46, Lord Street ; Baker, grocer and provision dealer. Burman, H., 68 ; Cigar and cigarette importer. Cohen, Harris, 27, Elizabeth street ; Retail traveling jeweller. Cohen, Henry, 47, Tailor and general draper. Cohen, Jos., 36 ; Wholesale and […]

20 Oct 18
Parish Mouse

LIVERPOOL. AINSWORTH STREET. Bernstein, Louis, 1, Brown Street ; Master tailor. Singer, M., 1, Brown Street; Master tailor. ANSON STREET. Balsam, Hymam, 10; Master tailor. Fagin, Sol., 4 : Wholsale and retail draper and clothier BASNETT STREET. Jong, Paul de, Bon Marchè. BENSON STREET. Aarons, J., 8 ; Private hotel. BRECK ROAD. Berliner & Hyman, […]

18 Oct 18
the shoestring

A Q+A with an organizer for the Yes on 1 campaign.   By Will Meyer and Nancy Stenberg Nancy Stenberg was collecting signatures around this time last year to get the Safe Patient ballot initiative on the ballot. Since then her involvement in the campaign has continued, and she is now the Deputy Field Director […]