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17 Dec 18
Travel With CandR

We are nearing the end of the three weeks at our Estonian HelpX experience, so we thought we’d tell you a little bit about where we are and what we’re up to.. We are currently staying with a lovely family on an old farm just outside of Kolga, situated within the Lahemaa National Park. Our […]

10 Dec 18
What's Lorraine watching?

It’s been a whirlwind week of get togethers with friends, medical appointments, retirement parties, fitness and line dance classes and most meaningfully, the funeral of a very longtime friend who passed away after a one year struggle with cancer. Judy was my neighbour of 37 years. She and her husband Bob had three girls to […]

07 Dec 18
Altruda's Alley - A lot of sports with a touch of snark

Even if Maurizio Sarri does not believe his Chelsea side can overtake Manchester City for the Premier League title, his side may be the last obstacle to the Citizens repeating as champions as the sides collide Saturday at Stamford Bridge. POTENTIAL STARTING XIs Though the Pensioners (9-4-2) are only 10 points adrift of City (13-2-0), […]

07 Dec 18
BetBright Blog

Wolves began the current Premier League campaign this season with high expectations. They were back in the top flight for the first time since 2012 with a group of talented players to call upon, and the assumption was that they would challenge for a place in the top half. Nuno Espiritio Santo’s men have struggled […]

07 Dec 18
rodpush - Iskcon

21:  THE GURU BUSINESS:   The Diary of a Murdered Monk. Chapter Nineteen: The Rogues and Rascals Photo Gallery The Original Group of Traitors who took over Srila Prabhupada’s Iskcon and called themselves Diksa Gurus 1 Kirtanananda leaving the court house on his final trial. No longer dressed as a Swami, with most of his disciples […]

07 Dec 18
Green News Update

What are the holidays without books– to give or get?  Our selections this year include several must-read art books, two compelling stories of 20th century photographers, written treats for foodies, and books that reinterpret the meaning of “building.” Art and Photography Three exceptional women—from Milan, London and New York—are featured in this true account of […]

06 Dec 18
What They Wore

    The Untamable Trend Gabrielle DeMaria, Bao Le, Mya Methe and Paige White The idea of animal print textile came about in 1930, when people started seeing upper-class members wearing luxury animal print fur clothing.  Many people who were not able to afford real fur wanted to be able to replicate this luxury trend […]

05 Dec 18
Men's Journal
Whether it’s casual cool for the weekend or classy professionalism at the office, the allure of a good dive watch is that it’s appropriate most anywhere. Stylish guys love their rugged elegance, while watch-heads geek out over their technical design and history. The rest of us just appreciate the fact that we can wear the same watch seven days a week if we want, no matter where life takes us. Because of this versatility, dive watches are one of the most popular wrist accessories you can find. There have been many iconic ones throughout the years—think James Bond, Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, even Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator—but for a lot of us, the luxury brands made famous by Hollywood stars are simply beyond our budget. There are plenty of off-brands to be had, and while solidly made and good-looking they tend to lack the panache true collectors crave. And, they can depreciate rapidly. Fortunately, there is one legendary brand that’s within our reach. The Zodiac Sea Wolf remains true to the heritage it developed as a tool watch in the 1950s and 1960s. During the Vietnam War the Sea Wolf was immensely popular among enlisted men, mainly because it was widely available at military base PX stores and, compared to luxury brands, relatively affordable. Stories abound about their use by Naval Underwater Demolition Teams and Special Forces, and while some of that renown is surely the work of some creative marketing, the fact remains that the Sea Wolf was the first dive watch to feature a rotating bezel and to be rated to 60m. And because it was widely owned by enlisted servicemen, as opposed to colonels and generals, it had a certain “real men wear Zodiac” appeal. That authenticity is just part of Zodiac’s appeal to collectors, though. Beyond its handsome facade and functionality as a tool watch, the Sea Wolf is desirable also because it holds its value quite well compared to newer or less prestigious brands. Internet watch clearinghouses are loaded with pre-owned vintage Sea Wolfs (“Sea Wolves”?) with asking prices in the tens of thousands of dollars, so the chances are good that even a new version like the one shown above will hold its value, if not appreciate over time. The Super Sea Wolf celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2018. There are 22 varieties, each taking inspiration from an older Sea Wolf. There are versions with engraved stainless steel bezels, ceramic bezels, and strap options that include leather, canvas, stainless steel, and milanese. Powering each Super Sea Wolf watch is a chronometer-certified STP 3-13 caliber—automatic movement with a beat rate of 28,800 and 40 hours of power reserve—and a sapphire crystal. All have a Zodiac’s signature locking bezel that won’t turn unless you push down on it, and are rated to 100 atm—that’s 1,000 meters of water resistance. The Automatic Stainless Steel Super Sea Wolf (below) features an eye-catching orange and silver dial, stainless steel five-link bracelet, and C3 SuperLuminova hands and indexes. The Two-Tone Automatic Stainless Steel Super Sea Wolf (top) is a snazzier black and white dial with gold-tone accents, and a gold center band circling the wrist. Both are $1,395 at zodiacwatches.com, and considering what vintage Super Sea Wolfs are going for, there’s a great chance these new versions will also retain their value for years to come. ZOD2510500
02 Dec 18
File 770

(1) WAITING FOR AGLOW. Robert J. Sawyer tells fans why his next book won’t be released until 2020. After he lost his security clearance, J. Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb, really did say: “There is a story behind my story. If a reporter digs deep enough he will find that it is a […]

01 Dec 18
Joanna Z. Weston

The holidays are upon us, and I am still not reading as much I usually do. My progress through Women Who Run with the Wolves was slowed by an inconvenient library due date, but I liked what I read enough to order a used copy online, so I should be picking that up again soon. […]

30 Nov 18
Ancestral Findings

California has a rich history of human civilization going back thousands of years, and some of its folklore originates almost back to the first people to live in the area. There are also European pioneers, gold rush prospectors, Hollywood movie stars and moguls, and more to add to the legends of the 31st state. Here are some of the highlights of the folklore of California.

28 Nov 18

To Note:  There has been a Silent Military Government, Technocratic, attempting to Undo the Outright Treasons committed by Harry S. Truman, John F Kennedy, Richard Nixon, George W. Bush. Barrack Hussein Obama and Donald J. Trump in bringing in Foreign Militaries to attempt to restore the Slave Trade in America calling them Refugees and then […]

28 Nov 18
EG's English 103 Portfolio

The Reflection: This was my junior year creative writing class final project. I got a 100% on it so I am proud because it wasn’t even my best work. We have a month to work on the project and I actually procreastinated a lot until like a week before the assignment was due (which isn’t […]