11 Jun 19

For this post, I’m just going to go through the Add-Podcast function – this provides a straightforward way to understand what information is stored in the config file, and how it’s held. The function starts with a while-looped prompt for the RSS feed. If the feed is retrieved successfully, the 10 most recent entries are […]

19 May 19

Upon browsing the interwebs this week, I came across a fascinating and hilarious post on Raptitude.com It is titled ‘Don’t Forget How Strange This All Is’ and refers to the weirdness of everyday life, our strange human tendency of trying to ascribe meaning to everything and ultimately, that we should probably take this whole life […]

09 May 19

Understanding the Media The purpose of this piece of research is to learn more about professional podcasts, and how they are made, in order to further my own knowledge and to take inspiration from how professionals write and edit. I’ve listened to several podcasts, mostly relating to a Fantasy/Mystery genre. Overall, I’ve really enjoyed them, […]

08 May 19
Echo Barely Blogs

The best four days of my life consisted going to a concert by my favorite group of all time (BTS) and seeing a live performance of a podcast I adore. For now, I’ll tell the story of the podcast. Nowadays, it is the norm to listen to some type of podcast. But I’m actually not […]

03 May 19

Featured Image creator: Jacek Raniowski To understand how our project could work, we did research into similar media. Our first point of reference, of course, was the Elsewhere University. This was the starting point for our own project. What is interesting about the EU is that there is no real narrative. The University itself is […]

25 Apr 19

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thisthinginabox: xiaodanart: Cecil? I have to go. Be patient with me. We have our phones. We have our voices, and you have the best voice of them all. or, the lines from wtnv that truly messed me up 💔💔💔 Source: xiaodanart

02 Apr 19

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pre-strex Kevin (wtnv) moodboard x x x // x x x // x x x

17 Mar 19

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Intro Post Hi! This is a new multi-kin blog! I go by Space, and my discovered kins rn are a space demon (see icon), pre-strex Kevin (wtnv), Beowulf ([x2] skullgirls and poem), Guzma (pkmn), Robert (ddadds), and a virginia opossum. I have an about me here. I’ll probably do different things here, including kinboards and […]

23 Feb 19
Alice Through The Silver Screen

A man in a deer mask covering half of his face sits in front of you in the theatre. Soon after, a woman in a tulle dress with fairy lights glowing softly from underneath the fabric enters as well and takes a seat somewhere behind you. And you’re here, too. How do you keep forgetting […]

21 Feb 19
COMM2400 - Social Media Tools and Strategies

Podcasts do not have to be strictly non-fiction you know. Welcome to Night Vale is a surreal horror and fantasy podcast that is presented as an intriguing science fiction radio drama. This podcast creates an atmosphere of domesticity at the heart of the abyss that is the community of Night Vale. Night Vale’s impression for […]

16 Feb 19
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Welcome to Night Vale. Tarvitseeko edes sanoa paljon muuta? 💕 podcastia olen kuunnellut jo useamman vuoden, tänään tajusin, että Disparitionin musiikkia varmasti löytyy Spotifysta. Ja kyllä, löytyihän sieltä. Tällä levyllä melkeinpä kaikki kappaleet kuulostivat tutuilta podcastin kautta. The Ballad of Fiedler and Mundt on ehdottomasti yksi suosikeistani. Muista en uskalla nostaa mitään esille, muuten huomaan […]

13 Feb 19
Books of Teacups

Release Date: September 3, 2019 Publisher: HarperTeen Series: Three Dark Crowns, Book #4 Synopsis: Well, erm. There isn’t one… But that is okay because it’s theory time, Queens! This is the last book in the series and I am going to be spilling gallons of tea over here so look away now if you are […]