15 May 19
Debora Mary - Blog

We have just over one month until Ryder turns one year old. I’m going to go ahead and embrace the cliché and say that time with our baby boy is flying. Something happened almost exactly on the day Ryder turned 10 months old when I held our toothy 19-pound baby in my arms and realized […]

15 May 19
Hungry Hobby

Hi friends!  So I’ve received a ton of questions about the method of sleep training we used for Little Man so I thought I would type up a review.  Before I get started though, let me say that how you handle baby sleep in your choice and whatever you are doing (or not doing) is […]

14 May 19

Man, have I really been slacking on keeping you all updated or what! Haha SO much has happened in these last four weeks since I last wrote! First, I now have a TWO month old! He’s getting so chunky now (9lbs, 6oz) and so observant of so many things around him! I love watching him […]

10 May 19
Bluebonnets and Bowties

Hey Friday! Anyone else so happy the weekend is here? I don’t know about you but I’ve never met a Friday I didn’t love! Camilla is a whole three months today! I can’t believe it, y’all! Part of me feels like we’ve had her here forever and the other feels like she was barely born. […]

10 May 19
Market Reports Updates.....!

Global Baby Pacifier Market report highlights the key features of the market in terms of periodic data, present market conditions, market needs along with a detailed examination of the key players involved in the market. Baby Pacifier The business report also offers vital aspects related with Baby Pacifier market and perform as a mandatory tool to industries […]

09 May 19
Little House On The Prairie

11:00pm David has been completing classes and exercises in Atterbury to prepare for the overseas deployment. He shared that today he was in a humvee simulator that allowed him to experience running over an IED. Check this article out: https://www.dvidshub.net/news/320863/cyclone-soldiers-prepare-mobilization Can you find David in this picture? Homefront: Vincent had his very first day of […]

07 May 19

With Mother’s Day approaching and my baby surpassing 5 weeks now, I found it fitting to write about my first month with the official title of “mom”. I think this has been the quickest weeks of my life! It seriously flew by. The question you get asked the most after giving birth: “how are you […]

02 May 19
Clarks Condensed - Family, Easy Recipes, Cricut Ideas, and More

Do you have some stuffed animals in need of some cleaning? Here’s the simplest way to clean and disinfect your child’s favorite stuffy! This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Gain at Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine.   Although my kids never really got attached to one particular […]

29 Apr 19
Baby Yason

Oh my gosh, my shower was amazing, y’all!!! It was so cute and the food was great and there were lots of people there and so many presents and I was feeling the love for baby Ainsley! Cathe did a fantastic job on decorations. She made a little baby boutique on top of the buffet […]

29 Apr 19
The Sun
A NEWBORN dummy is often something that parents don’t want to buy – until they realise a dummy can help babies calm themselves and aid their sleep. We’ve selected the best newborn dummies based on our own experience and the top-rated newborn dummies according to other parents. A newborn dummy can help soothe your little one to sleep Many parents worry that their newborn baby will struggle to use a dummy if they’re breastfed, but that’s often not the case. Of course, breastfeeding the baby will typically soothe them, but if you need to be hands-free or to get something done around the house, then a dummy can also do the trick. Just make sure that breastfeeding is well-established (typically a month to six weeks), before introducing the newborn dummy to your baby. A newborn dummy needs to be cleaned just like a baby bottle for newborns, so parents should sterilise it. Although as any parent will tell you, if an older babe chucks the dummy, picking it up and sucking on it before inserting it back into baby’s mouth is a useful trick when on the go (in fact, a recent study says doing that is good for babies). As baby gets older, a dummy can also prove useful when it comes to soothing teething troubles. These days, you can find a dummy in any design and shape you can imagine, from novelty dummies (the moustache dummy makes a fun baby gift) to natural ones, as well as dummy clips to attach dummy to pushchairs and clothing. With most dummies costing a few quid apiece, there is some flexibility when it comes to finding a dummy that your baby likes – and replacing it when it’s inevitably lost at home or on the go. Best rubber dummy Hevea Star and Moon orthodontic pacifier 0-3 months, £6.50 at Amazon – buy here Hevea dummies are made from a single piece of natural rubber so they’re completely free of any nasties, are easy to clean (there are no ridges or cracks for dirt to accumulate in) and have an ergonomic, orthodontic nipple that babies find easy to suck. Hevea’s soothers come with different, subtle designs like crowns, ducks and cars to appeal to parents. Best dummy with toy WubbaNub infant pacifier, £19.99 at Amazon – buy here Sure, this dummy looks expensive, but unlike typical newborn dummies, it’s a lot harder to lose. Babies love grabbing onto the snuggly animals while they sleep (you can find these in a variety of cuddly designs, from giraffes to monkeys to elephants). In our experience, this is the dummy a child takes even when they reject most other dummies. These are also BPA, PVC and phthalate-free, super durable and the soft toy means it’s more likely to stay in baby’s mouth as they sleep – so there are fewer panicked cries in the night (loosely translating to: “I lost my dummy and you better find it now!”). We think this dummy is just brilliant – you can pop it in the washing machine or dishwasher to clean. Best all rounder MAM Night Glow in the Dark Soother with sterilisable travel case, £5.75 for a pack of two at Amazon – buy here These glow-in-the-dark soothers are made with a soft silicone teat and come with a handy self-sterilising case – perfect if you or baby drops the dummy while you’re out and about. This dummy also has an orthodontic shape developed with dentists and orthodontists to help reduce the risk of dental misalignment, a worry for parents whose babies use dummies. It’s also popular with parents of breastfed babies and these dummies are super easy to find in the cot at night thanks to their glowing design. Best simple dummy Philips Avent Contemporary Soother, £5.88 for a pack of two at Amazon – buy here This newborn dummy is a smart choice when out and about (thanks to a protective cap you can snap on when not in use), is BPA-free, and has plenty of colourful designs to choose from (as well as basic translucent versions for minimalists). It’s got a simple silicone teat with a natural shape. Ticks every box. Best for breastfeeding babies NUK Genius baby dummies, £5.49 for a pack of two at Amazon – buy here Designed to mimic the shape of a mother’s nipple, the NUK Genius soother, made from flexible silicone, is approved by the British Health Foundation for promoting good oral development and is designed to reduce pressure on baby’s jaws and teeth. Parents love how the shape of the dummy slants upwards – just like a nipple. Also comes in playful designs and patterns. Best novelty dummy Moustache pacifier, £7.38 at Amazon – buy here Because everyone is always looking for the perfect baby gift and this one ticks every box (funny, practical, under a tenner). Works for boys and girls, we think. And your Insta friends will love it. Also, it’s BPA-free, so your newborn will actually be able to use it. Best for bottle-fed babies Dr. Brown’s PreVent orthodontic 0-6 months soother, £2.50 for a pack of two at Mothercare – buy here Crafted with a bottle-shaped teat so that it can easily stay in baby’s mouth, this Dr. Brown’s dummy is suction-free to help prevent dental issues and palatal pressure (it was developed by a paediatric dentist), and parents swear this is the dummy their kids will take even if they’ve spat out all other dummies. [article-rail-topic title=”More from sun selects parenting” term_id=”14218″ posts_number=”6″ /] We’re all about helping you find the best products at the best prices –  follow the link if you want to check out more Sun Selects recommendations. Need some more parenting supplies? We’ve got a whole parenting section for you to browse. Looking for for more newborn essentials for your little on? We’ve looked at the best newborn nappies available. This article and any featured products have been independently chosen by The Sun journalists. All recommendations within the article are informed by expert editorial opinion. If you click a link and buy a product we may earn revenue: this helps to support The Sun, and in no way affects our recommendations.
29 Apr 19
Annie Flynn

To new mommas & soon-to-be mommas: Today we are diving right in, because if you’re a mom, (or soon-to-be) you don’t have time to waste. Having a new baby and knowing what to buy can be overwhelming, so I am sharing with you my first year favorites broken down into convenient monthly categories. Take a […]

26 Apr 19
The Gentle Nursery ™

Pacifiers are a safe and effective way to soothe your newborn. Here’s a list of the best pacifiers for babies! As a first-time mom, I was adamant against giving my baby a pacifier. I had heard it could cause nipple confusion and even interfere with breastfeeding—something that was really important to me. But after a […]

26 Apr 19

To bink or not to bink? As if that’s even a real question, of course we bink! When baby has just eaten and we can’t control the fuss, sometimes parents need the relief as much as babies need the comfort. The problem is, sometimes your LO ( little one) even at the youngest age can […]

25 Apr 19
The Em Alexander

Now that Everleigh is a couple months old and we have had quiet a few days together to figure out what works and what doesn’t I felt it was time to share some of the baby products we can’t live without.

22 Apr 19

Google is home to many priceless memes comparing a first and second pregnancy. I can definitely relate approaching the 30-week mark and having done no prep for baby. The same is true for a baby registry, especially when your second (or in my case third since my first were twins) baby is the same sex […]

12 Apr 19
The Recruiter Mom

Ok I said I wasn’t going to do this post but I started finding the cutest things and I couldn’t help myself! This post has ideas for babies and toddlers, typically I was thinking about 6m-2y for these items. If you have older kiddos don’t miss the Easter Basket Ideas for Little Girls  and Easter […]

10 Apr 19
A Brazilian Mama

Hi mamas! Thanks for being here! I’ve decided to share my favorite baby items with you! My sweet baby boy, Luke, is only 5 months old now. I will share the things that we have been using the most. 4moms MamaRoo High-tech Baby Swing is our favorite baby item! We have been using since day […]