10 Dec 18

KELEBIHAN HAFIZ AL-QURAN. Terdapat sangat banyak kelebihan menghafaz al-Quran. 1.Apabila menghafaz al-Quran, seseorang itu dapat membaca al-Quran pada bila-bila masa dan di mana sahaja, mudah berpegang teguh dengan al-Quran (khuzil kitaba bi quwwah) setelah memahami isi kandungannya. Di dalam al-Quran ada tawhid, hidayah dan jalan yang lurus. 2. Orang yang menghafaz al-Quran merupakan seorang yang […]

08 Dec 18
Bible and Believer of Jesus Christ

If we can treat every word the Lord said earnestly and practice according to His words, we are the good seeds that bear fruits and we can enter God’s kingdom in the end. If we only listen to the Lord’s preaching but don’t understand His words, then we are unable to carry out His way;

07 Dec 18
Aal-e-Qutub Aal-e-Syed Abdullah Shah Ghazi

MARIF’AH IN THE KALAM OF AL MATURIDI, AL ASHARI AND AHL AL SUFFIYA Al Maturidi’s view on ma‘rifa (the highest level of knowledge to know of Allah) is based on the human thought and reason. It can be understood either that ma‘rifa can be obtained by the use of merely human reasoning and also that human reasoning is […]

06 Dec 18
Bible and Believer of Jesus Christ

From this, we can see that the Lord Jesus put a lot of thought into His preaching, thus making the disciples better understand His words and put His teachings into practice and gain God’s salvation. This embodies God’s love for mankind.”

06 Dec 18
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