14 Jul 19
Go Outside Today

In this week’s adventure, at the request of a reader, Todd swears off animal products for a full week. How did it go? Read and see!

14 Jul 19
No Speed Limit No Dream Limit

Finally getting my butt in gear for this race recap from the Firecracker. As with any race in July in the Midwest, we had some warm temps again this year. But the high 70s, maybe low 80s, was a far cry from the 90s and high dew point from 2018. I also knew that this […]

13 Jul 19
Anderson Valley Advertiser

MRC Changes;
PG&E Herbicides;
New Dubs;
Little River Museum;
Hydrant Hit;
Yorkville Market;
Creator’s Remorse;
Adventisize MCDH;
Money Farm;
Eel Minks;
Klamath Basin;
Broadband Mapping;
Jimi Mad;
Teaching Opportunity;
Yesterday’s Catch;
The Voices;
Revisionist Censoring;
Fruit Picker;
Clintonian Blowback;
2020 Signs;
Epstein Questions;
Opposing War;
Immigration Plan;
Beetle Mania;
Only Death;
Ag Scholars;
Oligarch Adelson

13 Jul 19

Lisa is a budding writer. She attends workshops in the Yorkville library. A regular attendee with full dedication and a graduate from Harvard college. She pursued a degree in English literature.  Lisa loves to watch news channels on television like  national geographic, discovery  and writes stories on them. She owns a white van  and has […]

12 Jul 19
Taylor On A Trip

These 50 things to do in Toronto, Ontario will have you sampling the best in food, nightlife, and culture — from a local’s perspective.

12 Jul 19
Creekside Natural Farm, Minooka, IL - Blog

Tomorrow is our July Market here on our farm. Join us in our Farmstand from 9 until 2 (The stand is open and stocked with eggs and available vegetables every day)  We will have our raw honey collected from hives on our farm, lots of hand-made goats milk soap (made with fresh milk from Staudacher […]

12 Jul 19
Literary Hub

In his op-ed for Forbes last year, Panos Mourdoukoutas, a professor of economics at LIU Post in New York, suggested that Amazon stores should replace libraries to save taxpayers money. Following the backlash this preposterous suggestion created, Forbes took the article down. But the outpouring of love for libraries in response to the piece was […]

12 Jul 19
Anderson Valley Advertiser

Body Spotted;
Jim Bouton;
PA’s Incorporation;
PG&E Comments;
Food-Bank Needs;
Shorts Guide;
Home Invaders;
Elk Cross;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Train A’Comin’;
HumCo Homeless;
Beulah Huber;
Tiny Detroit;
Opium Place;
Eel Gold;
Air Scrubbers;
Klamath Algae;
Racist Recruiters;
Millennial Despair;
Hearing Bernie;
Other Countries;
World Shaking;
Wall Needed;
Bette Stinks;
Enough Magic;
Oligarch 21

12 Jul 19
Chicago Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Blog

A Yorkville motorcycle crash occurred Thursday (July 11, 2019) morning. The crash resulted in two people, the motorcyclist and passenger, being hospitalized. According to Yorkville Police, this Yorkville motorcycle crash involved a collision between a motorcycle and pickup truck at approximately 10:25 a.m. This Yorkville motorcycle crash is discussed in a number of media sources, […]

11 Jul 19

It was difficult to believe that we woke up in Tokyo this morning, until I was confronted by a fancy Japanese toilet and it all became very real. These toilets are everything humanity should aspire to invent… this one has a sensor and immediately begins to warm when flesh is near, it has a disinfecting […]

11 Jul 19

Listen to this episode of the “Coastin’ the Country with Marcus Leshock” podcast in the player above (Can’t see it? Click here). Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts. It’s finally here – heat and humidity! For a while there, it felt like it would never happen. While many Chicagoans can’t stand it, […]

11 Jul 19
Kelsie Lou's Blog

This vacation to Canada was inspired by one of my Smootents, Skylar who went to Niagra Falls for Memorial Day Weekend with her Girl Scouts Troop. An important decision for my trip to Toronto was deciding where to stay. I had a wonderful experience with my first time using Airbnb. I was hosted in a […]

10 Jul 19
33 Yorkville Avenue Construction Updates

In keeping with the City’s Noise By-law, the continuous pour will be finishing up around 7:30pm tonight.

10 Jul 19

When I was a lad living on a farm, I remember well my father’s morning ritual during the cold weather months of stoking up the furnace with coal. I have heard it said by those who had to contend with those old coal-fired furnaces that the sweetest sound in the world is the noise a […]