22 Mar 19
21 Mar 19
Be YoUnique

We often desire to be well off in every single aspect…Forgetting that we are already rich when we give what we have in abundance it’s not just about the money in you bank account …or having luxurious lifestyle…It could be you becoming the star in someone’s dark night..or helping someone in need. We always get […]

21 Mar 19
Ellie's Blog

Firstly I created a questionnaire to get some audience feedback.I asked questions about my website and advert and these are my results- This questionnaire has helped me as i now know what my target audience personally think of my idea.I made sure to ask questions that would help me in my work such as the […]

20 Mar 19
Pigtails and Pearls

8:12 am Amazon order showed up 5 minutes ago. Opened it as fast as possible for my caffeine pills. Instructions: take 1-2 pills every 3-4 hours. Holy shit. Well, I took one. Hopefully that helps with any headache I might get… Which is bound to happen because C is grumpy as hell today. Ugh! It […]

01 Jan 19
YOUnique Designs

This is a frontal view drawing of a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle.

19 Mar 19
Fortune Finds

Hey Finders! ⚡️ I’m reviewing Sally Beauty’s COL-LAB eyeshadow palette. This affordable eyeshadow palette includes 8 beautiful shades for only $14.99 & reminds me so much of my NARS Skin Deep Palette (you can buy 4 of these for the price of one NARS palette…) Would you buy this palette? What do you think of the […]

19 Mar 19
Mum and Tonic

This is potentially a very niche post aimed at a small but important group of people. Those of you who have been in network marketing and have maybe questioned if it is for you, those who have left because you didn’t get where you wanted to be or those of you who left because you […]

18 Mar 19
♚ transforming the tribe ♛

One of the best things about participating in local vendor events is being able to meet other small business owners like myself and get to know their stories. Last weekend, I set up shop at the Luck of the Irish event at Cypress Woods in Kingwood and had a blast making new friends and expanding my networking circle.

16 Mar 19
Boredom and Words of Nothingness

So on Tuesday Nights my friends and I sometimes go to Bomber’s to Trivia and this week was the first time we’d gone since I’d gotten my Younique Presenter’s Kit so I wanted to test it out. Now, in my opinion the make-up looked so much better in person than on camera. But I’m still […]

16 Mar 19
Sara's Messy Take on Life

Well I said before that I needed more exercise so mother nature listened and gave me a real workout removing the water in my basement. We were lucky we caught it in time that it only wet a portion of our carpet and I am happy to say that 90% of the carpet is dry […]

16 Mar 19
Becoming #BabeAF

There comes a point in any journey that you’re on that you start to compare. Compare yourself to your friends, to those around you in the industry and even those people you don’t even know but are set to influence you through social media. In 2018, I worked on coming out of the comparison zone […]

16 Mar 19
Siera L. Ellis and Patchwork Horse Sales Lorraine Lahart Faucett Aiele

BjLazarou I believe that nothing in this world looks better on a woman than confidence. There is no better accessory! Fortunately my passion for makeup has given me just that, and in joining Younique I have had the chance to help other woman allow their inner beauty to shine through. I thoroughly enjoy helping women […]

15 Mar 19
Anchored Piece by Piece

I have been on the hunt to find the perfect mascara for years.  I have had a few that I liked okay that I would use for a while, and then I would decided that I really don’t like it all that much and try another one.  I have used a wide variety of brands in a […]