16 Dec 18
Elto Danzig

  Stockyard (a large yard containing pens and sheds, typically adjacent to a slaughterhouse ) Warehouse Boardwalk Jetty (a landing stage or small pier at which boats are moored) Breakwater: object placed to prevent sea from rolling inwards; old ships disassembled sunk at the entrance Wharf/wharves Shipyard/boatyards Bollard (A short, thick post on the deck […]

15 Dec 18

  sounds all too snowshop                    /   jobjacks jinkwrenchd non eclectic interiors the soft furnishings leak / damage fashion crashdives on nostalgie mountain < some wrappd in fatal threads a rockart collective chants the basil album \ their metharoo swashbuck hero found alive  < the rest lucky […]

15 Dec 18


roughkiss: wildcardarcana: the-everything-man: bog-dweller-official: cathugging: cathugging: Mongolians are cool because they’ve merged their traditional and modern ways of life so rather than having poverty due to losing all their important skills they just live in their yurts with their cows and 827474874mbs internet sure their GDP in dollars is low but when you can survive […]

15 Dec 18
Ellis Goes On Holiday

Monday 18th June – Saturday 25th August 2018 Due to things getting pretty busy in Bucharest, I got quite behind with my posts for the last few months of my stay. So instead of weekly journal entries, here instead is a (not so) quick run through of my activities over the last weeks of my time […]

15 Dec 18
Confessions of a Lady Sindbad

My sister once said to me, you are like Lebanon 🇱🇧 the country of contradictions… You are devout and a party animal… you endeavor to practice your 5 daily prayers and more, the beautiful voice of one specific muezzin makes you stop everything to listen to his beautiful call for prayer, but again certain songs […]

15 Dec 18

Nearly 4,500 Israelis live in the Tekoa enclave, born at the end of the 70s, immersed in a bubble in the heart of the occupied West Bank. A car, Ori, the rabbi with a white beard and muddy pants. Trowel in hand, grabs a tuft of wet plaster in an old bucket, throws it on […]

15 Dec 18
Archy news nety

Almost 4,500 Israelis live in the Tekoa enclave, born in the late 1970s. Immersed in a bubble in the heart of the occupied West Bank. Tekoa From our special envoy A machine, Ori, the rabbi with a white beard and muddy pants. Trowel in hand, he picks up a blob of moist plaster in an […]

15 Dec 18
Tabitha Sukhai

Watch the full talk via TED.com right here and transcript is below: “Can you taste words?” 00:16 It was a question that caught me by surprise. This summer, I was giving a talk at a literary festival, and afterwards, as I was signing books, a teenage girl came with her friend, and this is what […]

14 Dec 18
Vacation Coffee

oTENTik camping is a perfect combo of roughing it and not roughing it! If you’re not a camper, the oTENTik experience will still make you feel like a camping badass.

14 Dec 18
Sound Books

Start 2019 off right with a cozy winter staycation! Stay warm and cozy this January in one of our roofed accommodations! We’ve got lots of cabins, cottages and yurts available all month, especially for midweek visitors! Accommodations featured below were available as of 12:00 pm, December 14, 2018. Algonquin Provincial Park (Mew Lake) — yurts (7) Each […]