23 Feb 19
Travelling King

Ljubljana is Slovenia’s breathtaking capital city, known for its luscious green landscapes, clear rivers, and gorgeous architecture. With a young university crowd, an abundance of outdoor cafes and countless art galleries, Ljubljana is quickly becoming one of the coolest cities in Europe. With a population of under 300,000, Ljubljana is a relaxed and laid-back place […]

22 Feb 19

The greatest gift we can give our children is to show them what love is supposed to look like. To give them a foundation of how moms and dads should treat each other and how they should always be on the same team. July 11th, 2013 was the day our family officially began 13 years […]

22 Feb 19
Johlerpow and Zale et al.

Originally posted on Ilikeboringthings's Blog:
A ticket for Gone with the Wind, please.

21 Feb 19

Photo by Ale Anna Mnogi gradovi imaju svoju komunu. Pariška je Montmartre. Ovdje komuna, na opšte iznenađenje kad se radi o Francuzima i Parizu, znam – znači revolucija, za razliku od većine komuna koje su pacifizam. Imate, dakle, Parižane i imate ove druge, Montmartreane iliti što bismo mi rekli – jesmo li ljudi ili smo […]

21 Feb 19

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21 Feb 19
Order and Entropy

Commentary for Book III, Chapter 33, in which bad ideas are in search of worse plans, and we get nowhere with far too much effort.

21 Feb 19

How We Met Our story is my favorite story to tell! Brady & I were each accepted in the Disney College Program in Anaheim, CA for the Fall 2016 program. Because he opted to live with family, he started his program in May and I started mine in August. In the meantime, a Facebook page […]