07 Apr 19

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FISHING REEL: Features a quality 8-bearing system and Zero Reverse one-way clutch bearing as well as a skeletal graphite rotor and a double anodized knurled aluminum spool
SPINNING REEL: Built with a rugged graphite body and side cover

07 Apr 19

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FISHING REEL: Reel constructed from an aluminum frame and sideplates
CASTING REEL: Features a premium 5-bearing system with 4-ball bearings and Zero Reverse one-way clutch bearing

07 Apr 19

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FISHING REEL: Reel constructed from a lightweight one-piece aluminum frame with an 11-bearing system with stainless steel double shielded ball bearings and Zero Reverse one-way clutch bearings, as well as strong, lightweight carbon C45 sideplates
CASTING REEL: Features a patented Speed Dial provides quick and easy line recognition, a double anodized 32 mm Duralumin U-spool and an externally adjustable 4-pin, 27 position SpeedCast Adjustable Centrifugal Breaking (ACB) system

04 Apr 19

I was very lucky as child, I got to go on so many adventures that I often felt like a modern day Huck Finn. One of the largest contributing factors to these adventures, was my Mother. Her job and the nature of it frequently took her to some wild places, and whenever possible, she would […]

02 Apr 19
Outdoor Girl Jess

M I N D     🤯     B L O W N What was meant to be a walleye trip during the Fox River walleye run turned into an impromptu sturgeon trip. Now, it’s not legal to target sturgeon at this time, but it is possible to snag into these monsters… That morning was a […]

02 Apr 19
Trinity Marketing Agency

My grandmother’s secret advice. While growing up I spent summers with my grandparents out in the country. Both my grandparents were retired, but they stayed busy working in the garden, raising chickens, and involved in church activities. My grandmother always made time to take me fishing at the family pond or at one of the […]

10 Mar 19

From the series: Old, Embarrassing Shit that Lies Dormant on Writer’s Cafe That’s Gonna Get Lost if I Don’t Transplant it Somewhere. So here’s its new home. They pass lemon colored posts with orange tops that mark gas lines. Out here in the country they’re odd things to see so many of, she thinks. They’re […]

07 Mar 19
New Hope for Dry Bones

There was once a campground in Wentzville with a few fishing lakes called Pinewoods Park. I used to fish there some with my grandpa but today’s memories are of an occasion that me and my brother, Paul, shared. We were fishing in a small lake or pond, drinking sodas and eating donuts and catching a few […]

05 Mar 19
Learning 2 Fish

Sometimes you need a dictionary and a thesaurus nearby to understand what some fisherman are talking about. Here are a few helpful resources to use while translating  into plain English what that fisherman is trying to tell you. I’m sure there are still some terms that aren’t on the sites below, but this will help […]

21 Feb 19
Reel Lucky Fishing

Thanks for joining me! “Many men go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.” – Henry David Thoreau I’ve come to take this quote to heart over the past couple years. I grew up fishing as most kids do with the expectation that fishing meant catching. The reason […]

13 Feb 19
PastOR Present

Isaiah 6: 1-8; 1 Corinthians 15: 1-11; Luke 5: 1-11 How many of you can recognize this piece of music?  Theme Song What image comes to mind when you hear it?  Perhaps you remember Andy and Opie walking down a dirt road, fishing poles in hand.  On a day like today, it’s nice to think […]

03 Feb 19
Life through Matt's eyes

When I was young, around kindergarten age, my family went to visit my grandparents for a couple days. They have lots of property and a big lake in the backyard stocked with bass, bream, crappie, and some catfish. My dad took my brother and I out back and we walked down the hill to the […]

21 Jan 19
Reel Things

I am proud of the fact that my son started catching fish on his own at the age of 2.  It was two months before his 3rd birthday and we were visiting family in the town where I was raised.  We headed to the lake with a couple rods and a can of nightcrawlers and sat down […]

12 Jan 19
Writers Envy

I grew up with Zebco 202’s and caught quite a few bluegill, shiner, and catfish with Billy and Eddie in the pond next door. I even snagged a gator once but that was nothing compared to the nasty snapping turtle that tried to take his wrath out on my fingers. But I always preferred my […]

10 Jan 19
The Kids Block Blog

Here is my guide for “Totally Fox Kids Magazine” issue 27, “Summer 1997”. I’ve listed all of the pages; I’m not sure of the exact order. Credits: The Final Word Guys: Judith Ross Enderle Stephanie Gordon Tessler The Put-It-Together Gal: Theresa Kennedy The Creative Guys: Peter Green Design Scott Russell Debra Hintz The Printing Guys: […]

02 Jan 19
Daily Spiritual Principle - one addict's thoughts

One of the gifts Shaun received this year was a fishing rod and reel. In fact, he received two of them, one for him, and one for me. Fishing has never been my strong suit. Though I have fished off and on throughout my life, like so many things I have attempted, I lack the […]