06 Dec 18
All about marvel

Art by me (sktchpro_1) ORIGINThe first venom character was drawn by Todd MCFarlane . He drew venom as Eddie Brock in the Amazing Spiderman # 300. But the idea of the black suit was all RANDY SCHUELLERS. A man Jim shooter purchased the black suit idea for MARVEL AND MACK ZECK modified it as it […]

04 Dec 18
Bleeding Cool News And Rumors

It’s time once again for another classic Bleeding Cool trope, in which a creator learns about a story involving their own work, not from the comic book publisher, but from a Bleeding Cool article! This time, it’s Scott Edelman learning that his 1977 Thanos vs. Drax story is being reprinted in the Thanos Wars: Infinity […]

01 Dec 18
Belgischter aux Ludvai kennel

born: 2015. február 23.(Zeck Bergerac de Hu & Dana du Chemin des Sorciéres) PEDIGREE Eredményei / resultsHD 0/0 – ED 0/0 PRA neg.  2017. február 18.HBJK FEHOVA SHOW Intermediate class Exc. I.- no title  Mme F. Varlet (FR) 2018. április 22.HBJK Club Show Open Class Excellent Pauline Stern-Hanf(NL) Egészség / health

30 Nov 18
Cheyanne's Blog

Field Blog 1   Hello, my name is Cheyanne Fishley; now none as Miss. Fishley too the Grade 2/3’s of St. Jerome elementary school. Today was my first day with the 2/3’s and it was an amazing experience.  I was extremely nervous walking into the classroom for my first day, but as soon as I […]

29 Nov 18
Gila Gooner

Team News Cech (Captain), Lichtsteiner, Jenkinson, Holding, Maitland-Niles, Guendouzi, Ramsey, Elneny, Willock, Nketiah, Smith-Rowe. Subs: Martinez, Mkhitaryan, Gilmour, Medley, Osei-Tutu, John-Jules, Saka Having already qualified for the last 16 and the North London derby looming, its no surprise most of our key players are rested. Holding is the only survivor from the team that played […]

26 Nov 18
EHT Comics

The series was launched with an April 1985 cover dated issue by writer Louise Simonson and penciller Greg LaRocque and featured the return of Spider-Man’s alien black costume, which attempted to rebond with Peter Parker. Peter managed to rid himself of the costume again using church bells and the alien was presumed to have died after that. […]

26 Nov 18


themarvelproject: Marvel house ad for the Iceman Limited Series (1984) featuring art by Mike Zeck remastered by The Marvel Project with digital colors by Gerry Turnbull.

19 Nov 18

The Bronze Age is fun to collect because Marvel tried so many creative approaches to comic books. Many new types of heroes were created in this age, one such group is The Eternals. Now their first appearance is increasing value purely driven by movie hype. This movie mania is slowly building steam during the creative […]

18 Nov 18


folderolsoup: Punisher by Mike Zeck

18 Nov 18
Comics Misremembered

Hello and welcome back to Comics Misremembered.  I wanted to take a moment and post about the passing of a comics legend, Stan Lee.  He was a man of vision.  When he began writing in the 50s and 60s, a comic writer was considered an embarrassing job, but Stan saw it as an opportunity.  With […]