Zeiss Ikon

23 Apr 19

Tutorial Come ottenere una pellicola in formato 127 partendo da un rullo formato 120   Che sia una Rolleiflex 4×4, una Yashica 44, una Bencini o una vecchia Baby Box Tengor della Zeiss Ikon, vi sono numerose fotocamere oggi pressoché inutilizzabili per la difficile reperibilità di pellicole in formato 127. Inutilizzabili perché la limitata offerta […]

15 Apr 19
The View From The End Of The World

The coastline hereabouts tends to face south towards the Southern Ocean. At approximately 46 degrees south of the equator, we are right in the middle of the “Roaring Forties”, where weather patterns regularly produce gale force winds – great if you own a wind farm to generate renewable electricity, not quite so great if you […]

11 Apr 19
The Frugal Film Project

Frugal Film Project is a collective of photographers around the world who use cameras that cost less than $50

03 Apr 19

This lens is made for Ikon and Leica M Mount Cameras but adaptable to almost all mirrorless cameras in the market. It has a minimum focusing distance of 2.3′ (0.7 m) and offers ultra-sharp resolving power with almost zero visible distortion. The C in its name stands for compact: it is less then 2.2 (55mm) […]

03 Apr 19
Yashica Pentamatic Fanatic

I’m not quite sure of the when of this flash (guessing mid-1950s) or the model number but I do know that it was made by Zeiss Ikon in Germany. It’s falling apart – the plastic is very brittle, the original 22 1/2 volt battery looks like a science experiment and it obviously doesn’t work. On […]

30 Mar 19
Budget Pro Photography

Already a good photographer? Want to keep honing your photography skills? Have a read of this article for a free tip on how to keep improving!

18 Mar 19
The View From The End Of The World

Ilford Sprite camera from the mid 1960s. Well thanks for being a part of this! I bought my first camera when I was maybe ten or eleven years old, with pocket money I had saved up. It was a grey plastic Ilford Sprite, which had one shutter speed, a fixed focus meniscus plastic lens, and […]

18 Mar 19
John's Cameras.

This is the archetypical SLR camera from 1960s Japan. Although it clearly builds on Zeiss Ikon’s precedent with the Contax S and also on Asahi’s earlier Pentax cameras (such as the SV), it is also very much its own camera. To look at, it is almost identical to the earlier Pentax SV but with the […]

16 Mar 19
Down the Road

The blog posts I liked most the week ending 3/16/2019.

14 Mar 19

Carl Zeiss Pro-Tessar M 1:1 prototipo a 6 lenti del 1957 per Contaflex.   Un cordiale saluto a tutti i followers di NOCSENSEI; in questa occasione vorrei rievocare uno dei tanti esempi di perfezionismo estremo che hanno caratterizzato la vita attiva di certe aziende fotografiche tedesche; non a caso, col tempo, la denominazione made in […]

08 Mar 19

My Gear..should read, ‘What I spend my money on’ I am a self-proclaimed Sony/Minolta/Konica user. In my evolution of photography, I started out at the tender age of 15 (a half century ago). With a keen interest of photography in Air Cadets, I was invited to take the “Photography Course”. With a father and mother […]