Zeiss Ikon

17 Jul 19
The Frugal Film Project

Frugal Film Project is a collective of photographers around the world who use cameras that cost less than $50

15 Jul 19
The Heroine's Journey

What is the best thing that I love about my work? The thing that I love most about my work is the freedom it allows me in my life. I also love learning new things everyday.  What is my idea of perfect happiness? My idea of perfect happiness is exactly how I am living my life right […]

11 Jul 19
The Frugal Film Project

Frugal Film Project is a collective of photographers around the world who use cameras that cost less than $50

08 Jul 19

Part 1 – Introduction A Legionnaire’s tale A few weeks ago I received a camera set that had belonged to an old local non-professional photographer. As the story goes, this man had at one time enlisted in the French Foreign Legion. After having served his term there he had bought a camera and become an […]

06 Jul 19
Sounds from the Corridor

I was born in Mülheim an der Ruhr in 1955. I started school at the age of five, where I had very strict teachers who still inflicted slaps on the face and other humiliations on pupils . When I was 12 years old, my father gave me his old Zeiss Ikon camera (4, 5 x […]

06 Jul 19
Jason Mullin

What’s in a Meme?                I collect vintage cameras, mostly from the late 40s to the early 60s. I’ve bought and sold hundreds of cameras over the years, and my collection varies from 25-50 cameras on hand. I prefer high-end amateur models, cameras that a hobbyist with a few bucks would have owned (Voigtlander, Zeiss […]

02 Jul 19
The latest leaks suggests next-generation iPhones will have a camera design that pays homage to vintage cine-cameras, with a distinctive square ‘bump’ containing three different lenses. Slashleaks claims to have CAD renders of 2019 iPhones, all of which show the square camera and an updated Face ID camera design in the ‘Notch’. The images are similar to those identified in January. The square camera bump is quite distinctive. Movie and camera enthusiasts out there may recall the 8mm Zeiss Ikon camera, which also housed its lenses in a distinctive square (though the camera was very much larger and the lens as thick as several iPhones.) https://youtu.be/bvxVMMyK6PI Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has claimed next-generation high-end iPhones will offer a new super-wide 12-megapixel lens and 3x optical zoom. Along with much better night vision, the camera will be capable of capturing 3D information for use in Augmented Reality. These are similar to claims we saw earlier this year from OnLeaks: https://twitter.com/OnLeaks/status/1126072594875260928 As we wrote back in May: “The iPhone XR design largely remains the same as last year, with one striking new detail we’ve already seen in the leaked iPhone XI and XI Max images. The glass rear panel of the iPhone XR features a large square bump for the cameras, except in this case, there are only two cameras (vs three on the iPhone XI/XI Max) in the module. The cameras are arranged vertically, with the LED flash on the right. “As for the camera details, not much is known about the dual camera module on the iPhone XR 2019. However, going by previous iPhones, we expect it to retain a pair of 12MP shooters – a wide-angle lens and a 2x telephoto lens. Notably, the iPhone XR features only a single camera module, so this is a significant upgrade for the 2019 model. There is no word on the selfie camera as of now." Slashleaks MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s focus on imaging opens up so many opportunities in AI, AR and for whole new categories of app. SEE ALSO: Leak suggests iPhone XR successor could have square camera bump similar to iPhone 11 - May 8, 2019 New leak reveals Apple’s seamless iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max design - April 29, 2019 New iPhone 11 leak highlights how much better Apple is at hardware than Android peddlers - April 26, 2019 Apple’s next-gen iPhones to feature new back glass design, redesigned mute switch, and more - April 25, 2019
30 Jun 19
The View From The End Of The World

Oamaru is a regional centre about four hours drive from here, that once also had importance as a coastal port. In fact a good friend of mine who is a retired master mariner commanded the last coastal freighter to call at Oamaru. Many fine buildings are constructed of what is known locally as Oamaru Stone, […]

20 Jun 19

Obiettivi Schneider VP Cinelux e Super-Cinelux 35 per proiezione cinematografica.   Un cordiale saluto a tutti i followers di NOCSENSEI; la rivoluzione epocale introdotta nella fotografia dall’avvento dell’immagine numerica ha avuto ripercussioni altrettanto drastiche anche nel settore cinematografico, nel quale le classiche cineprese sono state progressivamente sostituite da videocamere molto sofisticate e, di conseguenza, anche […]

17 Jun 19
The Frugal Film Project

Frugal Film Project is a collective of photographers around the world who use cameras that cost less than $50

17 Jun 19
Casual Photophile

The Contax Aria 70 Years limited edition model is the very last manual focus camera to wear the legendary CONTAX name. With a body designed by Porsche, shutter designed by Yashica, and lenses by Zeiss and Tomioka, it is possibly the best camera ever produced by this amazing team. It’s also one of the very […]

15 Jun 19
John's Cameras.

This is a dual-format folder from Germany. There is no name on this camera apart from the name “Plaubel A.G. Frankfurt a. M.” on the lens bezel. Plaubel are better known for their range of folding large format cameras – the Plaubel M. This camera is a run-of-the-mill medium format camera. The camera has a […]

13 Jun 19
Som2ny Network

My collection of my first roll of 120 film on my Zeiss Ikon Nettar Medium Format Camera. Took the day off work and went about my local area trying out the camera, plus digital as back up. met a fellow photographer at Portencross and had a wee chat… Messed up my first 2 photos as […]