Zero Waste

21 Jul 19
PAL Bags and Wraps

Stores are lining their shelves with crayons and binders, emails about teachers will be sent home soon – yep, just like that, it’s BACK TO SCHOOL! We all want to do our best to take care of the Earth, but when it comes to packing school lunches for our kids, sometimes we reach for whatever […]

21 Jul 19
Novo Collective

FORT Dungarees were born out of a love for simple design and production. They believe that what you wear is an expression of yourself, so they strive to express respect and celebration of their fellow man and the  environment through their clothes.

Behind the Black Collection: 

The Black FORT Dungarees are made in a fair trade certified facility located in Dharamsala in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas. Dharamsala is the political and spiritual capital for Tibetan refugees, and home to the Dalai Lama. The facility was first founded to help Tibetan refugees find work but now employs over 50 staff, spanning Tibetan, Nepalese and Indian cultures.

The facility produces clothes that are in line with their core values; fairness, sustainability and balance. It is fair trade certified under the Indian Fair Trade Association. Fair wages are paid, proper holidays are given and a real sense of community is felt there. We want to make what’s behind our clothes visible and celebrated.

The facility is working towards becoming a zero-waste facility and the future’s looking bright….Find out more on Fort’s website.


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21 Jul 19
US Issues

By Jean Tepprman – Re-Blogged From East Bay Express As the United States has begun transitioning away from the use of coal and petroleum as a source of electricity and fuel, natural gas has been viewed as a relatively benign fossil fuel. After all, natural gas produces less carbon dioxide when burned than those other […]

21 Jul 19
The Wings of Atlantis

I woke up and stared at my steel ceiling again, but with the same feeling of steel in my gut. I was instantly alert and full of nerves; this was going to be the single craziest thing I’d ever attempted. I stumbled my way to breakfast, my legs lead beneath me. People were eating out […]

21 Jul 19
just beccas blog

For the past couple of weeks it’s been #plasticfreejuly and up until now I was really pushing myself to go for it; sharing my tips and tricks online on how to make better choices during the month of July, as well as sticking to them myself. I then ran into a post that changed my […]

21 Jul 19

I can’t tell you the number of times, as we were tearing down our booth after having had an epic show, that we overheard the guy next door calling back to corporate saying that the show was a “total waste of time” and that the company shouldn’t do it again next year.  Of course, he […]

21 Jul 19

It’s my first week at a university and I’m about to meet with a professor for a one-on-one writing session. We were instructed to write a paper about one of those pompous ass theorists who seem more interested in confusing you than making actual sense.  The professor glances at my paper and her face looked […]

21 Jul 19
Simple SEO

Posted by MiriamEllis Is a local business you’re marketing missing out on a host of B2B opportunities? Do B2B brands even qualify for local SEO? If I say “B2B” and you think “tech,” then you’re having the same problem I was finding reliable information about local search marketing for business-to-business models. While it’s true that […]

21 Jul 19
The Journey of Nyholm 153

Observe the symptoms a prospective auto technician offers for your needs. If he cannot provide you with eye-to-eye contact, rushes his terms, or eliminates responding to inquiries you may have for him, this individual be looking to cover up anything. Maybe he does not fully realize what he is undertaking or possibly is lying about […]

21 Jul 19
Notes from the PCT

Miles hiked today: 17.5 Miles hiked total NOBO: 745.3 Miles hiked total SOBO: 259.3 I feel like I don’t need to mention at this point that we find waking up difficult every morning. But today to make the process better we talk through the best and worst parts of our day. For me, I always […]

21 Jul 19
Plastic Free University

Climate change is the intrusive thought I can never seem to shake. Some say it’s a call to action, and while that’s true, it brings me more emotional drainage than one person should have to endure for something out of their immediate control. The idea that I won’t have enough time to pursue my dreams, […]

21 Jul 19
A Charmed Nature

I have always known that my life accumulates more waste than it should, especially now, when we all have to change the way we live if we want to keep this planet habitable. But I didn’t really know just how much waste I was contributing until I began to take stock of all the plastic around me. In short, I am surrounded by plastic packaging. I live in a palace of plastic and I never even realized it.

21 Jul 19
The Way to Happy

I feel unstuck in two key areas of my life after 20 years of struggling, and I wanted to share how this happened. The areas are weight and clutter. Let’s start with clutter and I will share more about weight loss in another post.  I do not have a lot of clutter. I am like […]

21 Jul 19
TK Blogs

We are living in a time where human activity is causing the fastest rate of global warming and extinction of species for millennia if not millions of years. Even if we stopped producing greenhouse gases (GHG’s) overnight, many effects of global warming would still be locked in, including glacial/sea ice melting, stronger storms, longer droughts […]

21 Jul 19
Watch I Love

Bentley EXP 100 GT looks to the future of luxury mobility as most sought-after luxury marque celebrates its Centenary A physical embodiment of the future Bentley brand, it sets the benchmark for sustainable luxury mobility that is autonomous and electric An intelligent car which captures extraordinary human journeys thanks to emotionally intelligent AI and allows […]