17 Dec 18

Let me first start by saying I am certainly not a doctor of any sorts. This is just my own personal experience. However it was so horrifying for me that I felt the need to write about it share with others so they either do not do the same or if they are experiencing the […]

16 Dec 18

Humans are mostly made of water, which is why when we drink the element, good things happen — like regulating our temperature, keeping our muscles and joints spry, and of course, helping to filter out the toxins in our body we ingest all day. That’s why we like to think of the water we drink […]

15 Dec 18
Home of the Croslands

I spent more this time around than I normally do because 1) the kids will be home for a good part of it and they normally eat lunch at school (for free), 2) I got food for the holidays, 3) I got stocking stuffers, and 4) I needed quite a few personal care products and […]

15 Dec 18
Home of the Croslands

This pic was taken when we were at Big Bend Ranch State Park.  I want to go again.  I can’t wait till it’s warmer during the nights. Here’s another pic: It’s so beautiful.  The dessert hills. I went to the doc yesterday.  Well, technically I see the nurse practitioner.  She’s so amazing. 1) She doesn’t […]

12 Dec 18
Running with a thyroid problem

This is part 5 of my thyroid diagnosis. In this post I detail my right thyroid lobectomy, including questions I had before the surgery, surgery, and recovery.

12 Dec 18
Kim Goes Everywhere

Make your Own Travel Check List If you’re like me, then you will wait until the day right before your to start hustling your ass. What I find helps me the most is to have a travel check list that I keep in the note applications of my phone and just check it off as […]

08 Dec 18
The Empty W Chronicles

We didn’t start with the gym today. It was a quick breakfast – very yummy, I had laksa and the two curries on offer with roti. Hmm, maybe breakfast wasn’t that quick – and then over to the dr. Very quick service, no clear diagnosis. She did hear wheezing in my breathe and thought I […]